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surface quality achievable on the new NEF universal lathes. Manufacturing flexibility is assured by a traversable tailstock with hydraulic quill. Other notable features are integrated safety systems and a low space requirement. This fully enclosed machine series comes in a space green finish; metallic optional.

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  1. What features are typical in universal CNC lathes?

  2. How are flexibility and productivity assured in these lathes?

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Текст №5. «cnc lathe offers large bore, high torque option».

The biggest through bore spindle and a high torque capacity option features the latest addition to a range of precision CNC lathes that employ a massive slantbed cast iron base construction.

The biggest through bore spindle for a Hardinge CNC lathe ever will be launched at the forthcoming MACH 2004 exhibition.

With a 250mm chuck as standard and a 78mm through spindle bar capacity, the Talent 10/78 complements the other Talent machines covering the 45 and 52mm bar range with 150 and 200mm chuck sizes respectively.

A massive 30deg slantbed cast iron base construction is used providing good accessibility for loading heavy parts and a


clear path for chips to fall into the slat type chip conveyor supplied as standard equipment with the machine.

The 10/78 lias a powerful 18.5kW spindle drive as standard with 404Nm torque rating at a base speed of 437 rpm. For those really heavy cutting jobs on big diameters there is a high torque option with 605Nm of torque at only 292 rpm using the latest Fanuc electronic gearbox technology. An A2- 8in spindle is mounted in a combination taper and angular contact four bearing arrangement to produce optimum angular and radial stiffness producing good roundness part concentricity. With a maximum turning length of 600mm, a VDI-40 12 station turret and No 5 MT fully programmable tailstock the Talent 10/78 takes Hardinge into the big league when it comes to turning capacity.

The carriage and crosslide are both mounted on heavy duty 6 ball contact linear guideway designs driven by 40mm ballscrews with a maximum traverse rate of 30mpm. Ideal for OEM customers and sub-contractors alike, the Talent range now covers more than 75% of all the turned parts produced on CNC lathes by size. From small batches to dedicated volume manufacturing the Talent has found its niche for economical part production of turned parts. A 5.63kW 4,000 rpm driven tooling option is available for the Talent 10/78 enabling complete machining of many parts using С-Axis milling, cross and end drilling and tapping in the same operation. The fully programmable No 5 MT hydraulic tailstock has 625mm of travel on the base and 150mm of travel on the quill for easy loading of shaft type parts. Talent 10/78 has Fanuc model OiTB CNC control along with the latest digital Series spindle and axis drives and motors. A full range of optional and additional equipment is offered for bar and chucking work, including Renishaw automatic tool probe/tool wear monitoring system, part probes, part catcher/conveyor, barfeeds, turret and spindle tooling.


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