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Additional Vocabulary to Unit 4

1. set (v)

~ smb. free – визволити когось

~ smth. on fire – підпалювати

~ a rule – встановлювати правило

~ time – призначати час (для зустрічі)

~ a standard – встановлювати стандарт

~ a wedding day – призначати день весілля

~ a new land speed record – встановлювати новий рекорд швидкості в країні

~ questions for an exam – надавати питання до іспиту

~ exercises – задавати вправи

~ one’s jaw – демонструвати впертість (не плутати з цілеспрямованістю)

be ~ against smth./smb. – бути налаштованим проти когось

~ smb. against smb.: He accused his wife for setting their children against him – налаштовувати когось поти когось

~ the machine going – запустити машину

~ the ball rolling – штовхнути м’яч; (пер.) почати справу

to be ~ to music – класти на музику (про вірш)

to be all ~ (for smth./ do to smth.) – бути готовим до чогось (не плутати з наміром чи бажанням щось робити)

~ about smth.: I do not have an idea how to about this job.починати щось

~ smth. aside – відкладати; відкидати; скасовувати

~ smth. back: Heavy rain set back the football match. – затримувати (не плутати з арештом чи фізичними діями, спрямованими на це)

~ smth. down - записувати

~ smb. off (doing smth.): Her imitating people set me off laughing all the time. – викликати певну реакцію

~ on smb. – нападати

~ smb. on smb.: The farmer threatened to set his dogs on us. - нацькувати

~ to – енергійно починати діяти

~ smb. up: This drink will set you up. підбадьорювати (не плутати з діями, які англійською передаються як cheer up, encourage)

~ oneself up as smb.: to set up as a lawyer – ставати справжнім фахівцем

set (n)

set – спілка, товариство, гурт

set-back – затримка, перешкода

set-book – список питань за предметом для іспиту

set-to – сварка, бійка

set-up – устрій, порядок, внутрішні правила

5. Hand (n)

to have/take a ~ in smth. – приймати участь

to have one’s ~s full – бути дуже заклопотаним, зайнятим чимось

in ~ у розпорядженні

on one’s ~s – нести відповідальність, піклуватися

hand (n)

hand-over – передача чогось комусь

hand-out – офіційна заява для преси, милостиня, роздатковий матеріал (для студентів

Fill in the gaps using active vocabulary.

  1. Dad had a little bit of a ______with the neighbours about their playing loud music all the time.

  2. My landlord’s given me a week to __________of my flat.

  3. The _________of his guilt was present in the evidence.

  4. When I started my new job, it took me a wile to get used to the ______in the firm.

  5. The composition of air here is quite dangerous for health.

  6. The smart _____ are going to the Caprice restaurant this season.

  7. I’ve no idea how __________changing a tyre on a car.

  8. This war has ____ neighbour ____ neighbour.

  9. Who’s ________-ing at tonight’s concert?

  10. What time will we have to _______ for the station tomorrow?

  11. I joined my firm as a factory ______ and gradually worked my way up to the top.

  12. How should I ______________ at these dinners? I know nothing about etiquette.

  13. Paul helped his elderly neighbour by ______-ing her path of snow.

  14. The security guards _____their dogs __the intruders.

  15. He ____ himself ___ as an expert on vegetable growing, but he doesn’t seem to me to know much about it.

  16. That DJ’s voice really___________________. I’ve got cold shivers when he speaks.

  17. The rules of the club are _________ in the member’s handbook.

  18. Metal is a good __________ of heat.

  19. The bad results have ________ their chances of winning the competitions.

  20. She was _______ of anybody’s attempts to interfere in her work.

  21. I think Mathew might need a ______ with his Math.

  22. The club has a strict code of ___________.

  23. He is sometimes very ______ with clients.

  24. The audience was mainly _____________ young people.

  25. Please give a ________ to your host for the evening, Bill Willings.

  26. ______-ing _____ the question of cost, what do you think of the idea in principle?

  27. Most of us have a ________ experience in teaching.

  28. His funny remarks ____ me __________.

  29. Something about their manner _________a lack of interest in what we were doing.

  30. The ________ raised his baton.

  31. How can the government ________ the wishes of the majority?

  32. We should be able to trust Silva to negotiate a good deal for us – he’s a(n) _________at the game.

  33. Within two minutes of walking into the classroom she had the kids __–ing _______________.

  34. After years in prison, the man who have wrongly been found guilty of the bombing were finally____________.

  35. We want to ensure that help is __________ for all children suffering abuse.

  36. It was rumored at the time that some of the gangs were working _______________the police.

  37. For those of you who have no atlas________, Newcastle is a city in the north-east of England.

  38. I might __________a bit of Chinese cookery. Why not?

  39. She __________her throat nervously before starting her speech.

  40. He has a deep __________ towards his parents for his miserable childhood.

  41. Public _________ about the disease is still a cause for concern.

  42. After many years in prison, the men were finally _________ the bombings.

  43. I’m afraid I’ve rather __________ my studies this week.

  44. _________ or I’ll call the police.

  45. He _________ having to explain his work to other people.

  46. We are ________-ing a survey to find out what our customers think of their local bus service.

  47. I guide _________ tours of the cathedral every afternoon at 2 o’clock.

  48. The music was also specially ________ for the film.

  49. A piece campaigner ____ herself _____ in protest at the government’s involvement in the war.

  50. Many teenagers are surprisingly __________ the current politics.

  51. The road ended in an ______ slope down to the sea.

  52. He ________ to mention that we could lose money on the deal.

Unit 4

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