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Exercise 21: Conditional Sentence

Supply the correct form of the verb in parentheses for each of the following sentences. Review the formulas if you have trouble.

1. Henry talks to his dog as if it ______ (understand) him.

2. If they had left the house earlier, they______ (be; negative) so late getting to the airport that they could not check their baggage.

3. If I finish the dress before Saturday, I ______ (give) it to my sister for her birthday.

4. If I had seen the movie, I______ (tell) you about it last night.

5. Had Bob not interfered in his sister's marital problems, there ______ (be) peace between them.

6. He would give you the money if he______ (have) it.

7. I wish they______ (stop) making so much noise so that I could concentrate.

8. She would call you immediately if she______ (need) help.

9. Had they arrived at the sale early, they______ (find) a better selection.

10. We hope that you______ (enjoy) the party last night.

11. If you have enough time, please______ (paint) the chair before you leave.

12. We could go for a drive if today______ (be) Saturday.

13. If she wins the prize, it will be because she______ (write) very well.

14. Mike wished that the editors______ (permit) him to copy some of their material.

15. Joel wishes that he______(spend) his vacation on the Gulf Coast next year.

16. I______ (accept) if they invite me to the party.

17. If your mother______ (buy) that car for you, will you be happy?

18. If he______ (decide) earlier, he could have left on the afternoon flight.

19. Had we known your address, we______ (write) you a letter.

20. If the roofer doesn't come soon, the rain______ (leak) inside.

21. Because Rose did so poorly on the exam, she wishes that she______ (study) harder last night.

22. My dog always wakes me up if he______ (hear) strange noises.

23. If you______ (see) Mary today, please ask her to call me.

24. If he______ (get) the raise, it will be because he does a good job.

25. The teacher will not accept our work if we______ (turn) it in late.

26. Mrs. Wood always talks to her tenth-grade students as though they ______ (be) adults.

27. If he had left already, he______ (call) us.

28. If they had known him, they______ (talk) to him.

29. He would understand it if you______ (explain) it to him more slowly.

30. I could understand the French teacher if she______ (speak) more slowly.

Exercise 22: Used To

Supply the simple form or [verb + ing] as required in the following

1. I was used to______(eat) at noon when I started school.

2. He used to______ (eat) dinner at five o'clock.

3. When I was young, I used to______(swim) every day.

4. He used to______ (like) her, but he doesn't anymore.

5. Don't worry. Some day you will get used to______ (speak) English.

6. Arvaro can't get used to______ (study).

7. He used to______ (dance) every night, but now he studies.

8. Adam is used to______ (sleep) late on weekends.

9. Chieko is used to______ (eat) American food now.

10. She finally got used to______ (eat) our food.

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