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I. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глагол в Present Perfect.

1. I already (see) this catalogue.

2. We just (sell) the goods.

3. We never (do) business with this firm.

4. Mike (visited ) the exhibition recently.

5. ever (be) to Italy?

6. I ( not/ finish) my work yet.

7. She (make) a contract this week.

8. They ( know) the customers for ten years.

9. They (study) the market lately.

10. They (not/arrive) yet.

11. You (start) a new job yet?

II. Задайте специальные вопросы в Present Perfect к подчеркнутым словам.

  1. I have left the keys on the desk.

  2. The price for the goods has increased.

  3. The secretary hasn’t posted the letter yet.

  4. They have returned from a business trip recently.

  5. The partners have just signed the contract.

  6. He has been to California three times.

  1. I have worked at this company for 10 years.

  2. They have studied the prices.

  3. The manager has singed the contract.

  4. We have received an offer this week.

III. Выберите правильное наречие или предлог.

1. Diana hasn’t called me back yet/already.

2. Has Andy called the customer just/yet?

3. Pete has already/ever signed the contract.

4. We have yet/just finished the talks.

5. Have they returned from their trip already/yet?

6. We haven‘t received an offer for/since two years.

7. They have just/ yet left the office.

8. I have ever/never been abroad.

9. She hasn’t been on business since/ for December.

10. We haven’t met the customer yet/ever.

IV. Раскройте скобки, используя глагол в Past Simple или Present Perfect.

1. The manger (know) this customer since 2006.

2. Mr. Black (introduce) new representatives of the company to us yesterday.

3. The secretary (already/go) home.

4. We just (start) selling these computers.

5. Mr.Sidorov (arrive) in London the other day.

6. I (buy) my computer 3 years ago. I (have) it for 3 years.

7. The company (do) business with many foreign firms lately.

8. I (read) the massage a few minutes ago.

9. We never (see) these machines in operation.

10. They (discuss) the matter in detail at the talks.

11. The secretary( be) ill since last week, she (fall) ill last Tuesday.

12. How long (be) in London? –I (be) here for 4 days.

13. Kate loves traveling, she (visit) many countries

14. You (see) our partner last week?

15. We (modify) the model recently.

16. They (go) out for lunch and they just (come) back

17. Diana (not be) at work yesterday.

V. Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1. Mark is/has been on holiday since Monday.

2. Jane is our customer. I know /have known her very well.

3. Jane is our customer. I know/have known her for a long time.

4. Mike works/has in a hotel now. He likes his job.

5. How long do you live/have you lived in this town?- About 5 years.

6. Is it your new car? – No, I have /have had it for two years.

7. Bill is /has been in London at the moment. He is/has been there for the last two days.

8. I lost /have lost the brochure. I can’t find it anywhere.

9. Clare worked/has worked in the bank for 12 years. Then she gave it up.

10.I don’t know this company. We never did/have done business with them.

11. Is the manager in? No, he went/has gone out.

12. Do you know about Sue? She gave up/has given up her job.

13. They are still having talks. They didn’t finish/haven’t finished to discuss the prices yet.

14. The customer gave/has given me his business card but I’m afraid I lost/have lost it.

15. I didn’t have/haven’t had a holiday for five years.

16. The office is dirty. We didn’t clean/haven’t cleaned it for ages.

17. They set up/have set up the company in 1999.

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