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Read this poem


A book, I think, is very like It leads me into fairy land

A little golden door. Or countries strange and far

That takes me into places And, best of all, the golden door

Where I’ve never been before. Which always stands ajar.


He is - he’s he he isn’t

She is - she’s she is not she isn’t

It is - it’s it it isn’t

I am – I’m

My name is - My name’s

What is - What’s

1.Make up sentences as you can and read them aloud.

You pilots

Kate a doctor

They am teachers

Her parents are pupils

We is a driver

Ann and Liz workers

I a housewife

His brother students

2.Write these sentences in a short form.

  1. I am a pupil of 5th form.

  2. He is a tennis player.

  3. She is not a teacher.

  4. What is her name? She is Alizabeth Brown.

3.Form sentences from the words.

  1. is, her friend, a doctor.

  2. my father, a teacher, is.

  3. am, a worker, I

  4. is, her cousin, a student.

  5. is, my sister, a pupil.

  6. I, a pilot, am.

  1. is, his aunt, an engineer.

  2. his grandfather, a driver, is.

  3. I, an actress, am.

  4. a housewife, my sister, is.

  5. Helen, a student, is

  6. My uncle, a worker, is.

4.Make up questions from the words.

  1. it, a cat, is, or, a tiger?

  2. is, what, colour, the squirrel?

  3. Jane, from, where, is?

  4. What, the boy, name, is?

  5. he, is, Canada, from?

  6. is, your, how old, pet?

  7. is, she, where, from?

  8. Billy, is, how old?

  9. her, is, what, brother?

  10. the elephant, is, a pet?

  11. he, is, a student?

5.Form the sentences from the words.

  1. Jack and Sam, drivers, are.

  2. is, her sister, a student.

  3. am, a housewife, I

  4. we, pilots, are.

  5. his aunt, a doctor, is.

  1. are, teachers, her parents.

  2. an engineer, is, my father.

  3. are, his sisters, teachers.

  4. are, cosmonauts, Den and Charles.

  5. am, a worker, I.

6.Fill in “am”, “is”, “are”.

  1. …. he your brother? 8. …. you a businessman?

  2. …. It a sheep? 9. ..… they rabbits?

  3. …. they doctors? 10. .… I a driver?

  4. …. his sister an actress 11. …. Kate a sportsman?

  5. …. they tigers? 12. …. her father a military man?

  6. …. It a zebra? 13. …. they writers?

  7. ….. your father a policeman? 14 . …. your sister a good pupil?

7.Answer the questions:

Monday What do you do on Saturday?

Tuesday Do you help your mother about the house?

What lessons do you have on Wednesday ? Do you play with your friends on Sundays?

Thursday Do you do your homework on Sundays?


8.Make up sentences:

seven days in a day

twenty-four hours in a hour

60 seconds in a minute

There are 60 minutes in a year

12 month in a week

4 seasons in a leap year

365 days

366 days

9.Make up questions and let your friends answer them.

the first day of the week?

the fifth month of the years?

What’s the third season of the year?

the last day of the week?

the last month of the year?

the tenth month of the year?

10.Write date and month in English.

5 січня 31 липня

19 січня 24 жовтня

23 лютого 6 червня

12 березня 10 грудня

16 квітня 15 травня

02 листопада 18 грудня

8 вересня 01 травня


Read this poem.

One thing at a time

Work while you work,

Play while you play.

That is the way

To be happy and gay.

All that you do

Do with your might,

Things done by halves

Are never done right.

One thing at a time,

And that done well,

Is a very good rule

As many can tell.

1.Write the sentences in negative

  1. I am from Great Britain.

  2. They are from India

  3. He is from Spain.

  4. She is from Switzerland.

  5. You are from Ireland.

  1. Koala from Australia.

  2. My uncle is from Russia.

  3. His friend from Norway.

  4. Dave is from Denmark.

2.Write the sentences in interrogative.

  1. We are from Holland.

  2. It is a bone.

  3. They are his little nice puppies.

  4. Molly is a good singer.

  1. He is hungry.

  2. Her eyes are blue.

  3. I am at the theatre.

  4. It is a lemon.

3.Open the brackets and answer the questions.

My name (to be) Pam. I (to be) from Holland. I (to be) ten. I have a family. We (to be) a family of six. I have got a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. My brother’s names (to be) Sam and Den. They (to be) twins. They (to be)seven. I (to be) a pupil. My brothers (to be) pupils too. My sister’s name (to be) Abby. She (to be) four. Abby (not to be) a pupil. I love my family.

  1. What is the girl’s name? 6. How old are they?

  2. Where is she from? 7. Are they pupils?

  3. How old is she? 8. What is Pam’s sister’s name?

  4. Is she a pupil? 9. How old is Abby?

  5. What are her brother’s names? 10. Is she a pupil?

4.Write down these phone numbers.

21-17-03 19-03-18 15-14-06

4-12-09 5-20-11 10-21-57

13-01-10 7-05-44 229-48-50

5.Ask and answer the questions. Use the words in brackets.

1. What he (to be)? (a computer programmer)

2. How old your sister (to be)? (25)

3. What it (to be)? (a deer)

4. Where your father (to be) from? (Ukraine)

5. Where you (to be) from? (Ukraine)

6. What your sister (to be)? (an economist)

7. What his cousin (to be)? (a driver)

8. How old that man (to be)? (30)

9. What it (to be)? (a bee).

10. What it (to be)? (a tortoise)

11. How old they (to be)? (20)

12. How old your niece (to be)? (17)

13. Where his wife (to be) from? (India)

14. Where they (to be) from? (Canada)

15. Where your relatives (to be) from? (Switzerland)

16. Where his sister (to be) from? (Russia)

17. What that animal (to be)? (a donkey)

18. What her husband (to be)? (a businessman)

19. What it (to be)? (a kangaroo)

20. How old his parents (to be)? (31, 35)

6. Match the numbers.

Example: 39--- thirty-nine.

23 ninety-six

41 twenty-five

36 eighty

54 thirty

68 forty

99 fifty -four

72 one hundred

81 eighteen

96 sixty-eight

25 twenty-three

80 thirty-six

30 ninety-three

40 forty-one

60 ninety-nine

100 eighty-one

18 thirty-seven

93 sixty

37 seventy-two

7.Do the sums and write the answers.

17+3= 100-25=

38-18= 25+75=

14-6= 60-5=

33+3= 100-3=

96+1= 78-71=

44+34= 65+30=

50-15= 89-2=

8.Write the numbers:

1. Fifty-five- 7. One hundred-

2. Sixty-nine 8. Seventy-two-

3. Ninety-four- 9. Forty-six-

4. Thirteen- 10. Twenty-nine-

5. Twenty-seven- 11. Eighteen-

6. Eighty-three- 12. Thirty-five-



Singular Plural

This is a pen These are pens

That is a book Those are books

9.Change to the plural.

  1. This is a baby. 6. That lady is our teacher.

  2. This is a camera. 7. This pencil is in the box.

  3. This is a sandwich. 8. That goose is fat.

  4. That is a piano. 9. That is the doctor.

  5. That is an apple. 10. This is a fish.

10.Translate into English.

    1. Це є ручка.

    2. Той хлопець хороший учень.

    3. Ця гра є цікавою.

    4. Той чоловік грає у футбол.

    5. Ці учні мають цікаву книгу.

    1. Цей стіл зроблений з дерева.

    2. Ця сукня Таніна.

    3. Та гітара Андрія.

    4. Та машина є зеленою.

    5. Той м’яч Миколи.


Read this poem

My uncle has a cuckoo clock

To tell us all the time.

He pops out of his little house

And always sings this rhyme:

“Cockoo, cuckoo”.

The cuckoo says it’s two o’clock,

It’s telling us the time.

My uncle has a cuckoo clock

To tell us all the time.

He pops out of his little house

And always sings this rhyme:

“Cockoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.”

The cuckoo says it’s four o’clock,

It’s telling us the time.

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