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Valentine's Day

Many countries celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th. This modern-day holiday is a celebration of love which gets its name from a Roman priest, Valentine, who secretly performed wedding ceremonies for Christian couples in the 3rd century.

Weeks before the fourteenth of February, shop windows are decorated with red paper hearts, red streamers and boxes of chocolates. Heart-shaped cakes and sweets are baked and gifts such as perfume and jewellery are promoted by department stores. Red roses are ordered from florists, dinner reservations are made and presents are bought in preparation for Valentine's Day Even cards and small gifts are made by young children at school.

On Valentine’s Day, many people wear something red, since it is considered to be the colour of love. Gifts, wrapped in shiny paper and red ribbons, are exchanged, women receive bouquets of flowers and people express their feelings to their loved ones. In the evening, many couples choose to dine at romantic restaurants while others enjoy spending time together at home.

Valentine's Day is a time to let people know how much you love and appreciate them. It is a day that makes everyone feel romantic and happy.

(Enterprise 4. Intermediate. Coursebook. p.66)

14. Read the model and answer the following questions:

a) Is the event described an annual or a past event? b) Where and when did the event happen? c) What preparations had been made? d) What happened on the actual day? e) What are the writer s feelings? Finally, give the paragraph outline.

Last Saturday evening Betty had a birthday party at her house. It was a fancy dress party and everybody had the time of their lives!

Betty and her sister had spent the previous day decorating their living room with balloons, stream­ers and coloured lights, and their mother had made an enormous birthday cake.

The guests started arriving at about eight o'clock, and Betty put on some disco music so that everyone could dance. I was wearing a clown costume with my brother's big shoes and a curly red wig. I had painted my face all white with a big red smiling mouth and a red plastic nose, but I became so hot while dancing that all my make-up started running down my face! We also played exciting games, and then we sat down to eat pizza and Betty's delicious birthday cake.

The entire evening was a huge success and everyone agreed that it was a lot of fun I think we will remember Betty's party for a long time to come!

(Enterprise 4. Intermediate. Coursebook. p.67)

15. You are going to read some information about some festivals. For questions 115, choose from the festivals (A-E). Some of the festivals may he chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may he given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which festival(s)

marks the death of a particular person?

gives people a large variety to choose from?

are meant to remind people of something?

is based on a religious belief?

takes place in autumn?

involve a competition?

makes unusual use of a food?

now takes place in a building?

marks the beginning of a season?

marks the beginning of a religious period?

probably dates back longer than was previously thought?

involve dressing up in special costumes?

0 E

1 __

2 __ 3 __

4 __

5 __

6 __7 __8 __

9 __

10 __

11 __

12 __

13 __

14 __15 __

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