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VI. Fill in the blanks:

a retailer carriers the tour guide

a commission the tour operator the travel agent

the animator destination sightseeing

suppliers the tourism manager entertainment

the social director a wholesaler promotion

1 supervises all operations in a tourist company and its staff.

2 handles tour groups.

3 sells tour packages and separate services to customers.

4 provides entertainment for holiday-makers.

5 develops tour packages.

  1. The tour guide knows all sights in the

  2. The tourism manager decides on and advertizing of new tours.

  3. The tour operator pays to travel agents.

  4. The tour guide conducts tours.

  1. The animator arranges and conducts programmes.

  2. The travel agent is

  3. The tour operator is

  4. The chief animator is also called

  5. The tour operator works with , hotels, museums and other



TO BE (сильный)

I am in tourism business.

You (we, they) are in tourism business. He (she, it) is in tourism business.

? Am I in tourism business?

Are you (we, they) in tourism business? Is he (she, it) in tourism business?

I am not in tourism business.

You (we, they) are not (aren’t) in tourism business. He (she, it) is not isn ‘i) in tourism business.

TO WORK (слабый)

I (you, we, they) work at a travel agency. He (she, it) works at a travel agency.

? Do (I, you, we, they) work at a travel agency? Does he (she, it) work at a travel agency?

I (you, we, they) do not (don’t) work at a travel agency. He (she, it) does not (doesn’t) work at a travel agency.

I. Make up interrogative and negative sentences: models:

He is a tourism manager. + He lives in Russia. ? Is he a tourism manager? ? Does he live in Russia?

He is not a tourism manager. - He does not live in Russia.

  1. They are our suppliers.

  2. She handles tour groups.

  3. You deal with customers.

  4. You are a wholesaler.

  5. These people are our tourists.

  6. This travel agent gets a commission.

  7. Those animators conduct shows and games.

  8. This employee is an animator.

  9. That tourism manager speaks foreign languages. 10.1 know all the sights in our destination.

  1. It is late to change the tour.

  2. He has customers every day.

II. Make up alternative questions: models:

1) His friend is a guide.

Is his friend a guide or an interpreter?

2) He speaks English.

Does he speak English or French?

  1. The tourism manager is in.

  2. He plans business at the end of every year. 3. I am late today.

  1. Animators conduct entertainment programmes for children.

  2. They are easy-going people.

  3. You work during your summer holidays.

  4. The tour operator develops tours.

  5. Travel agents sell tours retail.

  6. The animator dances well.

  1. You have a lot of work to do.

  2. This is our chief animator.

  3. Tour operators pay commission to travel agents.

III. Make up tail-questions: MODELS:

  1. Customers tip guides. Customers tip guides, don’t they?

  2. Customers don’t tip guides. Customers don’t tip guides, do they?

  1. The guide conducts sightseeing tours.

  2. The guide doesn’t decide on discounts.

  3. Tourism managers hire employees.

  4. The general manager doesn’t report to a department manager.

  5. The tourism manager reports to the general manager.

  6. You are not in tourism business.

  7. We never get commissions from tour operators.

  8. Tour operators are the main producers in tourist industry.

  9. I’m not a good mixer.

  1. The tour operator is a wholesaler.

  2. Tour packages include transportation.

  3. You don’t work with museums.

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