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  1. Introduction:

  • Give the masthead of the newspaper you are going to present and the date it was issued.

  • Define the type of the newspaper. What audience it is mainly targeted at.

  • Tell the group where the newspaper is published and whether it has any political bias.

  • Main body of the presentation:

    • Give a brief outline of the sections the newspaper contains. Tell the group how many pages there are in the newspaper and in which part of the paper each section can be found.

    • Speak about the front page news and the editorial article – the summary should be really very brief – not more than 3 sentences each.

    • Speak about advertisements in the newspaper. How much place do they take? Which of them would appeal to you as a reader?

    • Choose any section that appeals to you and enlarge on it.

    1. Conclusion:

    • Express your opinion about the newspaper you have presented.

    • Give your recommendations of either reading or not reading it.

    1. Some Useful Vocabulary

    1. The masthead of the newspaper I am going to present to you is …

    2. The main story deals with … / concerns …/ is related to …/connected with

    3. The editorial is about …

    4. The most interesting business story is about/ deals with … / concerns …/ is related to …/connected with

    5. There are readers' letters on page … and they deal with the following topics: …

    6. In my opinion, the most interesting feature in this newspaper is about …

    7. There are several pieces of scandal news on page …, a crossword on page …, a cartoon on page … and some small ads on page ….

    8. The most interesting sports article is about ….

    9. There are advertisements for … and ….

    10. The most striking photograph shows ….

    11. The article about … on page … made me feel ….

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