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  1. TASK 8. The twelve newspaper extracts below come from different parts of a newspaper. Decide where each extract comes from.

    1. 1

    1. 6.30 The Money Programme with Brian Wildlake and Valerie Singleton.

    1. 2

    1. All other areas. Cloudy some bright intervals. Isolated showers. Winds, light to variable.

    1. 3

    1. Much of Donald Craig's article on London (January 18) was helpful and well-informed. However, it contained some errors and omissions.

    1. 4

    1. Champions League: An early goal from Cristiano Ronaldo helped Real Madrid to victory in the first leg.

    1. 5

    1. B. I waited for you all Thursday evening, too. Where are you? What do you think I am, a bus stop? Please ring and explain. I love you in spite of everything. H.

    1. 6

    1. BMW 525 Auto 82. 1 owner. Every extra, including leather. Immaculate condition. $5,885.

    1. 7

    1. Lt Col Hugh Truscott, VC, who died yesterday at his home at Sussex, was a veteran of two world wars. Colonel Truscott, who was 87, …

    1. 8

    1. Avoid arguments with people at home and at work. You are likely to be bad-tempered, but cheer up! You could be in line for an unexpected windfall.

    1. 9

    1. Another investigation finds that members of the public have been told bare-faced lies by an energy firm touting for custom

    1. 10

    1. Required for a reputed hospital. An administrative executive secretary with office management experience. Interested applicants can send their CVs to email: hospitalhr496@gmail.com

    1. 11

    1. David Cameron snubbed as Germany and France ignore UK survey on Europe

    1. 12

    1. Jon Gosselin claimed to be supportive of his ex-wife Kate’s stint on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ but filing a petition for full custody of the kids seem to suggest otherwise.

  2. TASK 9. Match the media vocabulary with their definitions.

  3. Mass Media People and Readers

    1. 1

    1. a correspondent

    1. a

    1. a business firm that produces newspapers, magazines, books, engraving and the like

    1. 2

    1. a leader writer

    1. b

    1. a person or company whose business is to arrange the writing, production, and sale of books, newspapers etc

    1. 3

    1. a subscriber

    1. c

    1. an owner of a business

    1. 4

    1. a columnist

    1. d

    1. the person who is in charge of a newspaper or magazine, or its part; who is responsible for the content and policy of the newspaper and who decides what should be included in it

    1. 5

    1. a media mogul

    1. e

    1. someone whose job is to examine other people's writing, such as a newspaper article, and to correct mistakes

    1. 6

    1. a critic = a reviewer

    1. f

    1. someone whose job is to write about news events for a newspaper, or to tell people about them on television or on the radio

    1. 7

    1. a news vendor

    1. g

    1. someone whose job is to make sketches or drawings,  usually  humorous, as in a newspaper or periodical, symbolizing, satirizing, or caricaturing some action, subject, or person of popular interest

    1. 8

    1. a publishing house

    1. h

    1. someone who is employed by a newspaper or a television station etc to report news from a particular area or on a particular subject

    1. 9

    1. a reporter = a journalist

    1. i

    1. someone whose job is to make judgments about the good and bad qualities of art, music, films etc

    1. 10

    1. an editor

    1. j

    1. someone who writes articles, especially about a particular subject, that appear regularly in a newspaper or magazine

    1. 11

    1. a publisher

    1. k

    1. a journalist responsible for a piece of writing which gives the editor's opinion on an important news item 

    1. 12

    1. a subeditor

    1. l

    1. someone who owns or works in a shop that sells newspapers, magazines, sweets and cigarettes

    1. 13

    1. a cartoonist

    1. m

    1. someone who sells newspapers and magazines on the street

    1. 14

    1. a proprietor

    1. n

    1. someone who pays money, usually once a year, to receive copies of a newspaper or magazine, or to have a cable television service

    1. 15

    1. a newsagent

    1. o

    1. a business person who has great power and influence in a particular industry, for example media

  • TASK 10. Give English equivalents to the media vocabulary below.

    • Russian

    • Ukrainian

    • English

    • 1

    • карикатурист

    • карикатурист

    • 2

    • газета большого формата обычно солидное, респектабельное издание

    • газета великого формату за звичай солідне, респектабельне видання

    • 3

    • рекламные объявления, разнесенные в газете по рубрикам

    • рекламні оголошення, рознесені в газеті по рубриках

    • 4

    • некролог, газетное объявление о чьей-л. смерти

    • некролог, газетне оголошення про чию-л. смерті

    • 5

    • колонка с предложениями о вакансиях и поисках работы

    • стовпчик із пропозиціями про вакансії й пошуки роботи

    • 6

    • отдел светской хроники

    • відділ світської хроніки

    • 7

    • издатель

    • видавець

    • 8

    • редактор отдела (в газете и т.п.); помощник редактора

    • редактор відділу (у газеті й т.п.); помічник редактора

    • 9

    • обозреватель; рецензент, критик

    • оглядач; рецензент, критик

    • 10

    • собственник, владелец газеты/журнала

    • власник, власник газети/журналу

    • 11

    • продавец периодики; владелец газетного киоска

    • продавець періодики; власник газетного кіоску

    • 12

    • скандальная хроника

    • скандальна хроніка

    • 13

    • заголовок, рубрика, шапка

    • заголовок, рубрика, шапка

    • 14

    • редактор газеты/журнала

    • редактор газети/журналу

    • 15

    • основная статья

    • основна стаття

    • 16

    • сообщения о событиях внутри страны

    • повідомлення про події усередині країни

    • 17

    • сенсационная новость

    • сенсаційна новина

    • 18

    • фотография знаменитости, обычно прикреплённая на стену

    • фотографія знаменитості, за звичай прикріплена на стіну

    • 19

    • малоформатная газета со сжатым текстом, обычно бульварного содержания

    • малоформатна газета зі стислим текстом, за звичай бульварного змісту

    • 20

    • тираж (газет, журналов)

    • тираж (газет, журналів)

    • 21

    • бульварная (или жёлтая) пресса

    • бульварна (або жовта) преса

    • 22

    • свобода печати

    • свобода друку

    • 23

    • сообщения о событиях внутри страны

    • повідомлення про події усередині країни

    • 24

    • освещение последних событий

    • висвітлення останніх подій

    • 25

    • строка с именем автора (в начале или конце статьи)

    • рядок з іменем автора ( на початку або кінці статті)

    • 26

    • название (журнала или газеты)

    • назва (журналу або газети)

  • TASK 11. Fill in the gaps below with the name of the appropriate media job.

  1. I didn't think the book was as bad as the ________ said it was.

  2. Joe Shuster, ________ who developed the original Superman comic character, died in Los Angeles, aged seventy-eight.

  3. If this mistake was not the fault of some over-zealous ________, them Mr Bailey ought to be ashamed of himself.

  4. Herman submitted his paper for publication and the ________ sent it for reviews before deciding whether to publish it, ask for revisions or reject it.

  5. All foreign ________ have been told to leave the war zone as soon as possible.

  6. Keith Rupert Murdoch is an Australian American ________. He started as a ________ owning ‘Australia's News Limited’, which he inherited from his father, in 1952. He is the founder of global media holding company ‘News Corporation’, the world's second-largest media conglomerate.

  7. The ________ across the road arrived with a huge pile of ‘Mirrors’ at eight o'clock and he'd sold out all the newspapers by 10.

  8. Dan Dorfman, the influential financial ________, was fired by ‘Money’ magazine, the magazine's managing editor said Wednesday.

  9. I am a recent ________, having recently renewed my ________ for a second year and I have enjoyed every issue of your paper that has come to me in the post.

  10. Nearly eight years after Mozart's death his widow, in response to a request from a famous ________ for relics of the composer, sent, among other Mozartiana, a packet of letters written to her by her husband.

  11. The ‘Times’ ________ had to explain to his readers that the law of debtor and creditor was as yet only in a transitional state and that a very unsatisfactory one.

  • TASK 12. Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place in the passage below.

    • cartoons

    • editorials

    • circulation

    • censorship

    • views

    • advertising

    • gossip columns

    • news agencies

    • reviews

    • headlines

    • correspondents

    • entertainment

    • sensational

  • A newspaper makes its money from the price people pay for it and also from the ________ (1) it carries. A popular newspaper with a ________ (2) of over five million daily makes a lot of money. Less serious newspapers are probably read just for ________ (3). They have big ________ (4) above the news stories, funny ________ (5) to look at and ________ (6) photos of violence. The ________ (7) are full of stories of the private lives of famous people. No one takes the political (8) of such papers very seriously. On the other hand, in a free country where there is no (9), serious newspapers are read principally for their news, sent to them by their ________ (10) round the world and by the big ________ (11). People also read these newspapers for their ________ (12) of new books, films and plays and for their ________ (13), which represent the opinion of the newspaper itself about the important events and issues of the moment.

  • TASK 13. Choose the right answer.

  • 1. I don't think this newspaper cartoon is very funny, but I like the _____ under it.

  • a) caption b) message c) text

  • 2. When you go out, will you get me _____ of "Newsweek".

  • a) a copy b) an edition c) a paper

  • 3. A _____ from the local newspaper asked for details of the accident.

  • a) broadcaster b) reporter c) newsagent

  • 4. I read a newspaper every day to keep _____ with current affairs.

  • a) contemporary b) present-day c) up-to-date

  • 5. There is a very interesting _____ about cancer in the paper.

  • a) news b) documentary c) article

  • 6. A newspaper _____ normally makes the final decision about the paper's contents.

  • a) editor b) reporter c) publisher

  • 7. Dear Sirs, I am writing in response to your _____ for a sales clerk in yesterday's "Business Man".

  • a) advertisement b) announcement c) commercial

  • 8. Our newspaper increased its _____ by eighty thousand copies.

  • a) amount b) circulation c) numbers

  • 9. Could I have a copy of the latest _____ of the "National Geographic", please?

  • a) copy b) issue c) example

  • 10. He took out a(n) _____ to "The Times".

  • a) inscription b) prescription c) subscription

  • 11. Every morning I _____ the crossword puzzle in the paper.

  • a) make b) do c) solve

  • 12. What was the _____ of the article on Romania. I haven't read it yet.

  • a) draft b) gist c) plot

  • 13. The information was _____ to the press before it was officially announced.

  • a) dripped b) dropped c) leaked

  • 14. Many of the new newspapers have a pronounced right-wing _____.

  • a) balance b) bearing c) bias

  • 15. An advertising _____ should be short, striking and easily remembered.

  • a) epigram b) motto c) slogan

  • 16. She used her weekly column in the local newspaper as a _____ for her political views.

  • a) means b) vehicle c) vessel

  • 17. This paper intends to _____ fearlessly all forms of corruption in public life.

  • a) expose b) uncover c) unveil

  • 18. I've only had time to read the _____ in the morning's paper.

  • a) headings b) headlines c) columns

  • 19. A newspaper's opinions are given in its _____.

  • a) editorials b) reports c) titles

  • 20. Does the newspaper _____ the government or oppose it?

  • a) assist b) encourage c) support

  • TASK 14. Colin Hunter is a young reporter on a local newspaper. Read the account of his experience after working there for a few months. Complete the passage. To help you, the first letter of each word is given.

  1. The life of a young r_______ (1) on a local newspaper is not easy. When you start, you imagine yourself as a l_______ w_______ (2), commenting on world affairs so intelligently that the paper receives hundreds of r_______ ' (3) letters congratulating you on the e_______ (4). In fact, you have to be everything, without being anyone.

  2. On Wednesdays, I do the h______ (5), usually saying something nice about my sign and my girlfriend's. On Thursdays, I write the g_______ c_______ (6), though in my case it only concerns the Mayor and his friends. On Fridays, I am a book r_______ (7), even though most of our readers only read the s_______ (8) pages of the Argus, and on Saturdays, I write those, too. I watch football matches in the pouring rain and think of wonderful w_______ f_______ (9), but the s_______ (10) changes them, and often changes the result, too.

  3. I am also a film c_______ (11), but I can't criticize the films because the p_______ (12) of the Argus also owns the local cinema. If I could draw, I expect they would make me the c_______ (13)! The only other j_______ (14) on our staff is Sally. She does the woman's page, and also the f_______ (15) page, which she copies out of the colour supplements in the national Sunday papers. The most important person in the office is Jack, the advertising manager. As he says, "All these classified a_______ (16), the a_______ (17) of births and marriages and the situations v_______ c_______ (18) for people looking for jobs and so on, pay for the rubbish you write". I hope that one day I will be able to write his o_______ (19).

  4. TASK 16. Prepare a 3-minute presentation of any English newspaper. The guidelines below can help you to make your presentation.

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