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Brief guidelines for the work of students on practical zanya t those

Originally performed input control knowledge through tests and oral answers, solving situational problems. Students begin to work independently with patients under the supervision of the teacher. Perform history taking, physicist and lne examination of patients with prostate cancer, study timetable and they further examination of patients. A leading syndromes detection, differentiation from other diseases and justification prior diagnosis at Law. Outline a treatment plan. During the test, each student conducts physical examination of the patient and Kal'ne (inspection, palpation of lymph nodes, abdomen, perk in shoyu, auscultation). During classes, students interpret laboratory data, st b trasonohrafichnyh endoscopic, radiological, cytological and patohistol at tech railway at research. In intensive care and resuscitation students learn principles of intensive care and supervision of critically ill patients. Work in Trans' I zuvalniy, operating. Next conducted final test. Summed up at dyatsya classes, announced the results at counter human knowledge and skills.


Process Map practical lessons


Stages of a concept

H and HF and lnyy time


Place ln f ing classes

Mr. Means and learning

SOD and governmental


Determination of n con t o Primary role of knowledge

30 min

Tests op s t uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy

Reference to and mnata


Addressing Mr. and vchalnyh with a t e inthis we

4 h at dyny

Case patients and c tory diseases ro with ALG processing at rate g dia nostyky and medication in the bathroom

Stories about patients like leaves desig and Chen, CT-grams, MRI program, radiographs and we

Chamber Lane is bandaging, operating, training room, endoscope and ical room and no


Definition in s tern formed at the level of STI knowledge and skills. Summing pi d bag.

30 min

Tests op s t uvannya

Slides and would face, renth e nohramy, ci f we

Reference to and mnata


Due to the fact that the department conducted watershed and final con t role, as an example, give a few tests


Final test and control

Test number 1

Patient 83 years. Complains of poor urination, flabby jet. Diagnosis: prostate cancer stage II. Your treatment strategy?

A. Perform ultrasound prostate, send an oncologist.

B. Perform ultrasound and CT of the pelvis, to send to the surgeon.

C. Set urethral catheter assign antibiotic, send an oncologist.

D. Set urethral catheter, antibiotic assign, direct them to the surgeon.

E. Approve symptomatic therapy, after relief of dispatch to an oncologist.


Test number 2.

Patients enrolled in the admissions department with symptoms of urinary tract obstruction. Sick 3 months if any unpleasant feeling in the suprapubic area weakened force jet during sechospuskannya. Symptoms grew and before having severe pain in the suprapubic area, resorting to sechospuskannya. What diagnostic tactics surgeon?

A. Plain radiographs of the lumbar area, ultrasound of the kidneys.

W. Finger study rectal ultrasound of the bladder and prostate, general clinical blood tests.

C. Ultrasound bladder and kidney, ascending urography.

D. CT of the pelvis.

E. Only the blood and urine.


Test number 3.

Patient in '73, pale, complains of poor urination, pain in the abdomen, in the perineum and sacrum, blood in the urine. During rectal palpation revealed nodular, very dense tumor in both pieces of the prostate. What is the preliminary diagnosis?

A. Chronic prostatitis

B. Prostate Cancer

C. Cancer of the rectum

D. Adenoma of prostate

E. Bladder tumors



Test number 4

Patient 65. Complaints dull pain above the vagina, difficulty sech at emission dropwise, pain in the lumbar region on both sides, spranu. Sick 1.5 years. The skin is dry. Prostate ro with small sized 5x6 cm, smooth, elastic consistency, clear boundary, furrows b ca zhlazhena. bladder above the vagina for 4 - 5 cm. Residual Urine 800ml. What diagnosis.

A. Neyrohe n sech tion tion at the bubble

B. Dobroyak and sleep hyperplasia peredmihur howl at cancer

C. Cancer preface and hurovoyi hall at za

D. Tumor c e chovoho bladder

E. Kidney Tumor


Test number 5

A patient 76 years complains pochaschene, zatrudnene sechovypu s tray at night up to 3 times. Sick for 2 years. An objective examination after intercourse and urinary throwing percussion by heart determined moreover p tion. C-m Pasternatskogo negative .. External genitalia were normal. Per rectum - preface in doped iron increased by 2 times, smooth, elastic, and symmetry-old with clear contours. Intestinal over her mobile. What's on and more likely pathology that leads to a picture?

A. Chronic Prostatitis

B. Tuberculosis in Lohse on with tats

C. Adenoma of prostate

D. Abscess n f o redmihur ing cancer

E. Prostate Cancer


Standards of answers: 1 - A, 2 - B, 3 - B, 4 - B, 5 - C


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