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organization structure- організаційна структура

shareholders- акціонери

management– управління

managementstructure- структура управління

Board of Directors- Рада директорів

Chairperson- голова

President- президент

Managing Director– керуючий директор

Senior managers- Старші менеджери

line structure- лінійна структура

departments- відділи

Розділ 2. Форматування спеціалізованої комунікативної компетенції у газулі ведення ділової компетенції.

Formal letter (complaint)

80 Kulуkivs`ka Street

Village Zhovtantsi

Chrystyna Mel`nyk

Customer service department

Rukavychka Stores Ltd.

Str. Tchaikovsky , 20 December 7, 2013



Dear Sir

I December 5, 2013 at 18:00 pm bought in the supermarket " Rukavychka " series of

products including yogurt "Galicia" as evidenced by a fiscal receipt №314 (copy

attached). Only at home on the same day I noticed that the yogurt is damaged. The next

day I went to the store to exchange defective goods due to a similar product .

Representative supermarket I told her the contents of an appeal , showed sales receipt and

the product is damaged , asked me to change the defective goods sold for the same goods

of poor quality.

However, to satisfy my demands , I was refused on the grounds that it is not required by

law , and that yogurt does not apply to goods that have to be exchanged .

Such actions are representative of the supermarket " Rukavychka " illegal and grossly

violated my statutory consumer rights.

Representative supermarket against the law not only changed my damaged yogurt for a

similar quality , and brought me in deceit , telling false information on the provisions of the legislation argued that damaged yogurt - a product that can not be exchanged under the legislation .

 This confirms the fact that the demands of the consumer for replacing defective goods

shall be unconditional pleasure, and representative actions supermarket were designed to

deceive me , make me go unsatisfied my requirements and leave me a spoiled product ,

even though I paid for it than quality .

I think the store representative " Rukavychka " seriously violated my rights as a consumer

Whose actions brought me in deceit to protect my consumer rights , so following centuries

4, 6, 8 and 23 of the Law of Ukraine " On Protection of Consumer Rights"

I require :

1. To protect my rights as a consumer to take actions against officers shop " Rukavychka " to address a violation of my rights and immediate exchange sold me defective goods for the same quality by the seller.

2. On reviewing the complaint notify me in writing.


1.Kopiya fiscal receipt number 314.

I look forward to a response.

Yours faithfully

Chrystyna Mel`nyk

Розділ 3. Комплексне повторення і вдосконалення тем на фахову тематику.


Exercises 1

Fill the gaps using the past tense of from the box. Be careful, most of them are irregular.

buy spend lose pay cost sell win waste find give

  1. My car was five years old, so I sold it and bought a new one.

  2. I was very sad when I lost my watch because it was a present from my wife and it cost her a lot of money. Fortunately, somebody found if a few days later and took it to a police station.

  3. I over paid £2,000 for my computer, but it isn`t worth very much now.

  4. My father gave me £50 last week but I went most of it on Friday when I went to the concert.

  5. Last week somebody won £1 million in a game show on television. It was quire exciting.

  6. I`m afraid I spent my money on those computer games – I don`t think I`ve played them more than once.

Exercises 2

Complete the sentences without using the underling words and phrases. Don’t change the meaning

1. You want to know the value of your friend’s gold ring. You ask:

How much is your gold ring worth?

2. A friend wants to go to a restaurant buy you don’t have enough money. You say:

I'm afraid I can not afbord go to a restaurant.

3. You want to borrow some money from a friend. You ask:

Could you lend me some money.?

4. You want to know how much a friend paid for her dictionary. You ask:

How much is your dictionary cost?

5. You want to explain to someone that a disco is incredibly expensive. You say:

That disco cost a fortune.

Exercises 3

How quickly can you answer these questions, YES or NO?

  1. Is the currency in America called the dollar? – yes.

  2. Is a five-pound note worth less than a 50p coin? – no.

  3. If you lend something to someone, do they borrow it? – yes.

  4. If you waste money, do you use it well? – no.

  5. Is the 'euro' a currency? – yes.

  6. If you 'can`t afford' something, do you have enough money for it? – no.

  7. Does ‘cost of living’ mean the sane as ‘standard of living’?–no.

  8. If someone tells you a hotel is reasonable, is it very expensive? – no.

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