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32. Speak about your reading habits. These words are sure to help you.

to form a reading habit early in life; to motivate and encourage reading; to read silently to oneself; to read quickly but accurately; to read slowly; to read effortlessly; to read curled up in a chair; to read deep into the night; to read oneself to sleep; to read for pleasure/for an examination; to be glued to a book for hours; to be/get lost in a book; to choose books according to subject/the author's name; to browse through newspapers and periodicals; to scan / skim a magazine / article; to dip into/glance, over/pore over /thumb through a book.

33. Use these questions to have a conversation with your partner.

  1. What magazines do you like to read? Why do you enjoy them?

  2. What is the best book you’ve ever read? Why did you like it?

  3. Which newspapers and magazines are the most popular in your country?

34. Interview your group mates. Get ready to make a report summing up the answers. (Three students work.)

1. Do you wish you were a writer?

2. What would you write about if you were a writer?

3. Which of the group would you choose as the main character of your book?

35. Examine the network and reproduce the topic “Spare Time” supplying the necessary factual and imaginative details so as to present some ideas to your group mates.

II. Write an account of a visit to an exhibition, museum, concert or show. Explain what you enjoyed about it and why you would recommend it to other people.

III. Have debates between the lovers of classical music and the fans of light music, including jazz and blues. The champions of classic say that it is the music of high emotions. Their opponents say it is the light music that brings the feelings of satisfaction.

IV. Project.

Your group is going to set up a leisure centre where people will enjoy different activities.

Follow the given stages to reach the goal.

1. Think about the final form of the centre. What activities will be included into plan of your centre.

2. Prepare a questionnaire about leisure activities your group mates prefer.

3. Run surveys, interviews and students’ activities preferences.

4. Decide how to organize the preferences for effective presentation.

5. Present the outcome of your project work as a culmination activity. The manner of the presentation will depend on the final form of the product. You may use pictures, diagrams, photographs, posters, video or audio recordings.

Comprehensive Prolonged Project

Day 5th Today is your day off.

All the students are divided into groups. Your group is offered to visit a first-night performance and to attend The Wallace Collection and the museum of Madame Tusseaut of wax figures, representing famous personalities of politics, science and arts. Share your impressions on both visits with other participants of the Conference.

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