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25. Prepare your own questionnaire to interview a pop star. Run your interview and get ready to make a report summing up the answers.

26. Go through the interview that follows and be ready to speak about your favourite musician.

- How fortunate we are. We are going to hear Vanessa-Mae play. How does her play strike you?

- She has a great talent for the violin. Her technique is brilliant. I like the way she interprets my favourite classical melodies.

- How aerial her playing on the violin is! And she has broken down the boundaries between the pop and classical worlds to deliver her own violin-fusion style of playing. You know, Vanessa has made electric violin echo from every corner of the world.

- And her popularity is growing with bounds and leaps. Say, Mike, there goes the usher. Get a programme from him, will you?

- Well, here it is. Let’s see what comes first on the programme.

27. Look at the photos (pictures) and speak about your impressions on visiting a theatre (cinema, concert, exhibition). What role does music (theatre, cinema) play in your life? For ideas:

Reading: pleasure or work.

28. Go through the interview that follows.

Analyze it and give comments on what is reading for Sheila, Mark, Frank, Nick and how they feel about the

world of literature.

Sheila M: “I like to be constantly in touch with the news. That’s why I prefer reading different types of newspapers. The popular papers are less in size, with many pictures, big headlines and short articles. The quality papers provide me with more serious articles and more detailed information.”

Mark S: “As for me I like reading novels, adventure stories and other books for fun. Recreational reading helps me understand people, takes on journeys to unknown parts of the world.”

Frank T: “As soon as I’ve been reading a book for a bit, I fall asleep. I always start off with the best intentions, but after a few pages my eye lids come down and I’m snoozing.

Nick P: “I take a great interest in reading scientific magazines. I try not to miss my chance to buy a special limited edition of Engineering Tomorrow. It is printed monthly. It gives me factual material about microelectronics, computing and electrical engineering.

29. When we go to the library, we know definitely what we hope to find. We may be looking for a special information for a scientific report, or we may want a story for our own entertainment or for starting a hobby.

Read about a new public library. Why can it be a pleasant pastime to go to the library?

The grandest project of the country is a new National Library.

The model is unusual. It reminds a shaped diamond, symbolizing the value of the building. The first levels look like the support for the stone. They host reading halls, exhibitions, conference rooms with simultaneous translation equipment, stores and cafes.

The internal design presupposes that any book will be delivered through 20 floors and 60 meters diameter levels of shelves within 30 minutes.

The core of the building is the elevator going through all the floors. Another elevator, so-called the Panoramic elevator, is placed outside the building, so that visitors could appreciate the view from the top 25th floor of the library (72 meters). Right at the entrance there is the sculpture of Francisc Skoryna, Belarusian and Eastern European publisher. The Western wall will be decorated by an alley that will celebrate great cultural leaders of the past, as well as the scientist, politicians etc. There is also a plan to found the park of sculptures.

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