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13. Share your ideas on the following problems with the rest of the class. Try to be as persuasive as possible.

A. The only way to travel is on foot.

B. A camping holiday is only for the young.

C. Tourism ruins everything that it touches.

D. Every kind of travelling is good in its own way.

E. Modern means of communication make the world a small place.

II. Writing Section.

14. Write a short article on the topic: “The Journey of My Dreams”. What is your idea of a wonderful summer or winter holiday? What are its ingredients?

15. Suggest your ideas to a local travel company in a catching advertising article:

I’d like to offer a new fascinating route in Belarus…”

III. Case Study.

Mr. Laine comes to the travel agency. He looks very displeased. He complains to the Manager. He says that a month before he bought a tour to the Carribean for his family at that agency. He paid a good deal of money for it and they hoped to have a wonderful rest. But everything went the other way round. At the first hotel they stayed they were put in a room overlooking the main street, which was what they didn’t want because neither of them sleeps very well when it’s noisy. The beaches of the island they went later were filthy and there was nothing to do in the evening. They had running water half the time and had to walk a couple of miles to get a loaf of bread and some milk……….

Your task is: discuss with your deskmate how you could help solve this problem and compare your variants with other students. Dwell on the most appropriate ones. Use the Case for your reference and gather your own information. Good luck!


Travelling Text I

Probably nobody can imagine our modern life without travelling. Now the words “tourism”, “travelling” and “holidays” have the same associations. Some years ago travelling abroad was very rare and only few people could afford it, but now thanks to the travel revolution, longer holidays, bigger salaries and the change of the policy of the country more people visit other countries. Holidays are a wonderful chance to relax, have fun and explore new places.

There are different forms of travelling. Probably, the most comfortable is a package holiday. These are holidays that are organized by a travel company where the basic price includes flight, accommodation and food. Going on such holidays you can settle everything beforehand and fully relax during the holidays.

Not all people prefer relaxation during the holidays, some prefer activity holidays. These are holidays which involve an activity. They are fun, practical and a great way to make new friends who share your interests. These interests can include foreign languages, cycling, cookery, sailing and so on.

If you haven’t got enough money, you can go on working holidays. You can work on a farm picking fruit in France or Israel, or if you want to go to the USA you can work in a summer camp for kids. There are hundreds of them all over the US every summer and many of them employ foreign students to help organize games end events. It is hard work, but you are paid and get free time in the end to travel around America.

More and more people want to experience real life when they are abroad, that is why they prefer Homestay holidays. Instead of staying in hotels, you live with a family in their own house. It is cheaper than package holidays and much more interesting.

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