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3. You’ve got some information on the problem of travelling. Speak of the characteristic features to your desk mate. Replace the underlined parts by the synonyms given in the box.

Travelling is popular with people of different age and lifestyle for different reasons. Some want to have a good rest after long months of hard work; others like to change a dull scene of everyday existence. There are people who travel on business and those who travel for pleasure. Some prefer planes as the quickest means of transport; others go by sea, car, train, bus, coach, take walking tours or hikes. You should bear in mind that every method of travelling has its pros and cons. Some people prefer holidays with the wealth of things to do and places to visit. Others like a quiet holiday by the sea or in the country with nothing to do but walk and bathe and lie in the sun. Travel agencies offer a wide range of options to satisfy all tastes: package holidays, cruises, guided tours, camping, caravan, farm, cultural, activity holidays and what not. Choose the one that is good for you and that you can afford this time.

advantages and disadvantages, boat, a lot of sightseeing, remember, peaceful, to relax, pleasure voyages, a refreshing change, fastest, choices

4. In this advertisement some prepositions have been rubbed off while printing. Insert them instead of dots. Eurolines


Eurolines, the largest operator … scheduled European coach services, gives you the freedom to explore the continent … fares that won’t hurt your pocket. … our European partners, we provide a network of services offering … 400 destinations … Europe and Ireland, all … very competitive fares. As well as daily services … Amsterdam, Brussels, Lille, Antwerp and Rotterdam, Eurolines also provide frequent departures … popular tourist destinations … the South of France, Spain and Italy. … addition, the intriguing destinations … the Eastern Europe are easily accessible … Eurolines: Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Warsaw and Krakow are all served regularly … the year … .

Can you guess what information under the following items has been lost from this ad: Flexible Ticketing, Unaccompanied Minors, Cross Channel Services, Regular Refreshment Halts, Cancelling Your Ticket, Eurolines Insurance, Excellent Group Discounts? Discuss your ideas with the rest of your group.

5. Work in pairs. Complete the following unfinished pieces of argumentation using the expressions given below. Which of the speaker sounds more convincing in your opinion? Whose point of view do you share?

Alec: Hello, boys! I’m so happy! My parents have made me a wonderful present and I’m going to Disneyland on my holidays.

Nick: Fantastic! And you’ll go there by plane, I think.

Alec: Sure. For me there’s nothing like travel by air, it is more comfortable, more convenient and of course far quicker than any other method of travelling. There is none of the dust or dirt of a railway or car journey. ... Besides, flying itself is a thrilling thing. Don’t you agree?

Nick: I think I should say a word or two for trains. With the train you have speed, comfort and pleasure combined. From the comfortable corner seat of a railway carriage you have a splendid view of the whole country side … . Besides, do you know a more exciting place than a big railway station?

Ann: I do.

Alec: And that is?

Ann: A big sea port. For me there’s no travel so fine as by boat. ...... And when you come to a harbour you see cargo-ships, sailing-ships, rowing-boats round you. All this is so thrilling!

Alec: But I suppose that’s all right for those who like it, but not for me as I am always seasick when the sea is a little bit rough.

Robert: Well, if we speak about methods of travelling we mustn’t forget about walking tours. … and besides you are saving your railway fare travelling on foot. So I say: “A walking tour for me!”

to feel the deck under one’s feet;

to have a meal in the dining-car;

the quietness and calm of nature;

to go in search of beauty;

to leave the dull road highway;

to have much more advantages in comparison with;

to feel the fresh wind blowing in the face ;

to see a real country;

to have a wonderful bed in a sleeper;

to change from … to … .

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