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Analysis of Text № 8

The text “Something to lean on” is written by a well-known American Aurhor Langston Hughes who was born in 1902 in the family of a cook. He was a driver, flower seller, seaman, and doorman. Lindsay Vishel (1879-1931) helped him to publish his first poems. In 1926 the first book if poems by Hughes (“The Weary Blues”) was published, and then appeared the second book (“Fine Clothes to the Jews” 1927). He is the author of a great number of poem books: “A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia” 1934, “Good Morning Revolution”, 1933, “A New Song”. The title of the story stands for something pessimistic, depressing and even fatal for humanity. The text belongs to a belles-lettres style and to a social and psychological genre. On one hand it studies the effect of social conditions at a givrn time and place upon human life and behaviour.The action takes place in America. On the other hand it concernes the mental and emotional lives of the characters and reveals their sufferings because of the state of being everlasting and impossibility of finding one’s own place in life. The text is a dialogue between the author and one Negro man Simple who felt humiliated in life. It has an interior monologue which opens the main character’s thought, desires and feelings.the text describes the main character’s life and also has a critical character. The author represents the events from the point of view of the character. The story is emotional. All events are rather fast. It shows tragical fate of coloured people and demonstrates essential difference between coloured and white ones. So it is the main theme of the story. The idea is a passionate wish to change life for the best. The text ends on pessimistic and philosophical note where the main character Simple began speaking about Negro people’s life in society amd the white one’s attitude towards them. There is a conflict with the main character himself and with society. It reflects inner struggle of his wishes and cruel reality.

The text under analysis consists of several parts. The main characters are represented in exposition. They are the author and a coloured man Simple who wanted to find his own predestination in American society.and in life. In complication Simple spoke about his difficult childhood, his hard life and his disappointments. In climax he began comparing himself with President Truman and his dream of being a president too. In denouenment Simple reflectedabout harsh reality and Negro’s life among white people.

Depending upon the manner in which the text is represented we can speak about the language of the story. The style is infirmal and so the language is rather simple. It doesn’t abound in special or bookish terms. Practically all words are neutral. But there are some colloquial ones. E.g. Lord, scot-free, daddy. It is palso possible to find some abbreviations. E.g. Prop, FBI. From grammar point of view the language is not too complicated. The predominant tenses are Past Simple and Present Indefinite ones.Some sentences are represented in Future Indefinite, Present, Past Continuous and Present Perfect Continuous tenses. There are some modal, participle and passive constructions in the text. E.g. Everything I lean on falls down including my peoples, my wife,my boss and me.When I were knee-high to a duck I had to go to work. I couldn’t depend on my wife. I am not acquinted with Mr. Truman. In general the sentences are not very complex.The text is not too difficult for comprehenshion.