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IV. Answer the questions:

1. What city is the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

2. What is the population of London?

3. When was London founded?

4. What is the geographical centre of London?

5. What was Trafalgar Square laid out to commemorate?

  1. Where can we see the works by famous European painters?

7. What is Downing Street famous for?

8. Where are most governmental offices situated in London?

9. What can you say about the Houses of Parliament?

10. What can visitors see in Westminster Abbey?

11. When does the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard take place? 12. What do you know about the City of London?

13. Who designed St. Paul's Cathedral?

14. Where is the Tower of London situated?

15. What do you know about its history?

V. Give Ukrainian equivalents to:

centre of communication, to grow in size and prosperity, as a result, exciting history, a rich store of fascinating buildings, to get a glimpse of, to have a sitting, the vast house, a colourful and stirring ceremony, ceremonial costumes, bearskin hats, by day, the Stock Exchange, round the interior of the dome, it was originally built as a fortress, the river approaches, worth visiting.

  1. Give English equivalents to:

визначні місця, заснувати поселення, процвітаючий торговий центр, оглянути центр міста, увіковічнити пам’ять про перемогу, бути здивованим, королівська резиденція, собор Св. Павла, охороняти підступи до Лондону, штаб-квартира, Відродження, скарбниця, смертельно поранений, висока ведмежа шапка.

VII. Translate into Ukrainian:

1. London dates from Roman times. 2. Among the memorials in St. Paul's Cathedral there is one to Admiral Nelson and another to Christopher Wren. 3. St. James's Park was laid out as pleasure grounds in the 16th century. 4. Taking a trip down the River Thames to the Tower of London you can get a glimpse of six London bridges. 5. In the centre of Trafalgar Square there are two fountains that are as big a tourist attraction as the thousands of pigeons. 6. The name of one of London's lost rivers is commemorated in Fleet Street, the centre of the British newspaper industry. 7. During your visit to the Tower of London you will get to know some of the darker but none the less fascinating aspects of British history. 8. As a result of the Great Fire in 1666, St. Paul’s Cathedral was destroyed. 9. The British Royal Society, founded in 1660, attaches great importance to the friendly cooperation of learned men throughout the world. 10. Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous English poet of the 14th century, was the first to be buried in the Poets' Corner. 11. This guide book will help a tourist to see the most important London sights. 12. Westminster Abbey dates from the 11th century, but it was rebuilt and extended in the 13th century.

VIII. Combine words into sentences and translate them into Ukrainian:

1. lead, Square, this, will, Trafalgar, to, street, you. 2. century, the Tower, from, the 11th, London, of, dates. 3. offers, to, London, many, tourists, attractions. 4. killed, Cenotaph, the British, in, world, commemorates, the, wars, two, soldiers. 5. the Tower, you, a, can, boat, a glimpse, from, river, get, of. 6, in, fascinating, are, many, London, parks, there. 7. Westminster Abbey, see, to, will, you, memorial, a, Shakespeare, in. 8. day, they, places, that, only, interest, some, saw, of. 9. St. Paul's Cathedral, in, designed, the, century, 17th, Christopher Wren. 10. regiments, by, Buckingham Palace, guarded, is, five.