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Тема 1 Места сокрытия контрабанды

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Methods of Smuggling and Places of Concealment

The classical places of drug concealment are double bottoms, empty spaces and recesses in transport vehicles, and concealment of drugs in the rest of the cargo. Postal packages can be also used for smuggling drugs.

Some of the new drug concealment methods are: heroin transported in granulated form, specially packed drugs carried in bottles of champagne, shoes, exotic fruit, pastry. Smugglers also transport drugs in cavities in their own body.

Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, some African countries as well as the Golden Triangle and the Golden Crescent areas are notorious for drug production and smuggling. The Golden Triangle comprises Burma, Laos and Thailand. The Golden Crescent of Southwest Asia includes parts of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Customs officers carry out random control based on the passengers’ behav­iour, starting point, itinerary, nature and composition of his/her luggage, passport data, etc.

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