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National Geographic. February 2007

1. Identify the target audience of the article. What background knowledge is expected from the reader?

2. Analyse the verbal means the author uses. Classify them.

3. What methods and means are used to grab the attention of the reader, ensure comprehension, acceptance, retention and retrieval?

Ex. 2. Discussion. Express your opinion about the following. Does the author of the text succeed in making the article understandable for laymen?

Ex. 3. Follow-up. Analyse the following components of communication situation: sender and receiver, code, channel, message, noise. Take into account the communicative context.

Task 6. Here’s What He’s Hiding from You

Ex. 1. Identifying aspects of communication. Read the article and get ready to dwell on the main elements of the communicative episode under consideration.

Here’s What He’s Hiding from You

There are facts even honest dudes hate to reveal. Cosmo thought you should know.

By M. Christensen

Your man may give you TMI about his biological functions, but there are some areas of his life that he keeps under wraps because he’s ashamed, shy, or just plain afraid of how you’ll react. Here are four of them.

His Friends Are Dogs

You probably suspect that your man turns into a different person around his pals. He knows you think this, so if his friends are a bunch of booze-chugging, skirt-chasing delinquents, he has absolutely no incentive to reveal it to you. “I love my friends despite their faults,” says John, 27. “I also love hanging out with them, but that doesn’t mean I engage in all their less-than- wholesome behavior.” If you trust him to behave – you don’t interrogate him about his nights out and avoid bad-mouthing his buddies – he’ll trust you enough to explain how Tijuana Tom got his nickname. He Just Got Chewed Out by His Boss

Few things can completely destroy a man’s self-image like poor performance on the job. So when things go south at work, he’ll do whatever he can to avoid bringing it up. “I really do like talking to my girlfriend when stuff bothers me, but no matter how lousy I feel about getting reamed at work, it’s one thing I never tell her about,” admits Chris, 33. “I feel like I still need her to think highly of me when other people don’t.”

He Fears You’re Out of His League

Men obviously go after hot girls, and actually getting one can be a huge ego boost. But for some guys, it becomes an ego bust when they question whether they actually deserve you. “My ex was a part-time model, and she turned so many heads, it was impossible not to be insecure about my own looks,” explains Jeremy, 35. Your guy would never admit to a similar crisis of confidence, so reassure him by repaying a few of the compliments he no doubt lavishes on you.

His Family Is Crazy

Unfortunately, dysfunctional families are far less funny in real life than they are in prime-time sitcoms. Guys figure they’re a huge relationship red flag for women, so they do their best to keep screwy relatives hidden. “My mom and dad had a horrible divorce, and my brother spent two years in jail,” admits Steve, 30. “But I definitely do not broadcast that, because I don’t want girls to think it’s what my eventual family life will resemble.” And since he can’t keep his family hidden forever, remember: The nut can fall far from the tree.

Cosmopolitan. April 2009

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