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Indefinite or Perfect-ДЛЯ-СЛУШАТЕЛЕЙ

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«The Present Perfect or the Past Indefinite»

Choose The Present Perfect (1) or the Past Indefinite (2) for the verb in brackets.

  1. I know Mrs. Hill by sight, but I never (to meet) her.

  2. The hot sun soon (to melt) the ice.

  3. The menfolk aren’t in, they all (to go) fishing.

  4. He (to mention) to me that he had seen you.

  5. The workmen (to clean) up the mess before they left.

  6. You (to make) the mess of the job, you’ll have to do it again.

  7. Why don’t you talk to him? He (to travel) the whole world.

  8. He (to be) in hospital for three weeks but he is at home now.

  9. He (to be) in hospital for three weeks and the doctor says he is doing quite well.

  10. We (to look) but (to see) nothing.

  11. I (to be) there once or twice.

  12. What books you (to read) on the subject?

  13. When that style of dress (to come) into fashion?

  14. There (to be) six murders in New York this week.

  15. When the word “translator” (to come) into common use?

  16. I (to walk) this district for miles around.

  17. Since when she (to be) ill?

  18. Where’s John? – I’ve no idea. He (to be) here just now.

  19. The weather (to favour) our voyage.

  20. A sudden fear (to come) over him.

  21. I (to live) here all my life.

  22. You (to hear) the news?

  23. He (to live) all his life in England but (to die) in Singapore.

  24. Forty copies of this book (to be sold) so far.

  25. How quickly you (to grow)!

  26. What (to be) your first impressions of London?

  27. The cold water of the lake (to invite) us to swim.

  28. The girl (to lick) the jam off her lips.

  29. You ever (to hear) this song sung in Italian?

  30. I (to hear) you say that your country is beautiful.

  31. You (to inform) them of your intended departure?

  32. Where life (to come) from?

  33. You ever (to see) the likes of this?

  34. He (to live and to die) a bachelor.

  35. He once (to live) in Italy.

  36. Oh dear, you (to add) too much liquid to the mixture.

  37. You (to see) Sam lately?

  38. After a delay of half an hour we (to continue) our journey.

  39. I (to see) Sam a few days ago.

  40. I (not to be) home lately.

  41. I (not to be) home long ago.

  42. Where’s Smith? – He (to come) here just now.

  43. They (to march) forty miles today.

  44. I (to see) her as lately as last Sunday.

  45. The bomb (to explode) with a loud noise.

  46. He is a famous singer and (to appear) in every big concert hall in Europe.

  47. The warships (to accompany) the merchant ships through the Mediterranean.

  48. She always (to be) a very obedient wife, she’s quite agreeable.

  49. Gibraltar often (to be called) the key to the Mediterranean.

  50. It (to take) us an hour to get our luggage through the Customs.

  51. The conjuror (to use) magic to produce a rabbit from his hat.

  52. The 15th century (to begin) in 1401 and (to end) in 1500.

  53. My brother (to leave) school this year. – Oh, congratulations!

  54. Tom (to come in) just now – he’s probably upstairs.

  55. I’m sorry I (to keep) you waiting. – Oh, it’s perfectly all right.

  56. The mother (to kiss) away the child’s tears.

  57. He (to get) a hasty knock on the head when he (to fall).

  58. Please, don’t be angry, but the new maid (to break) one of your best plates again.

  59. We (to have) a lot of rain this summer.

  60. They (not to meet) since they (to leave) school.

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