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Вариант 1

1. The children ..… at the cinema two gays ago.

    1. is b.) was c .) will be d.) were

  1. They..… for you at 7 pm tomorrow.

    1. shall wait b.) were waiting c.) had waited d.) will be waiting

  1. ..… pencils are very good.

    1. they b.) this c.) those d.) that

  1. The task is not difficult, he can do it … .

    1. himself b.) his c.) him d.) he

  1. The sea is ….. unknown part of our world.

a.) the most large b.) the largest c.) the most largest d.) more large

  1. There is ….. new under the sun.

    1. no thing b.) anything c.) some d.) nothing

  2. They live in Canada, … .

    1. is it b.) doesn’t he c.) can they d.)don’t they

  3. The letter … the day after tomorrow.

    1. will send b.) will be sent c.) is sent d) was sent

  1. Scotland is situated in … .

    1. England b.) Australia c.) The UK d.) Canada

  1. My friend asked, “How well do you know English?”

    1. My friend asked how did I know English.

    2. My friend asked how well I knew English.

    3. My friend asked how well I would know English.

    4. My friend asked how I had known English.

  1. This is … car.

    1. Bob and his father’s

    2. Bob’s and his father

    3. Bob’s and his father’s

    4. Bob and his father

  1. They’ll go to London … bus.

    1. by b.) for c.) at d.) on

  2. … people are early risers.

    1. every b.) some c.) each d.) much

  1. There …… a table and many chairs in the room.

    1. is b.) are c.) were d.) am

  1. Many tourists go to London … .

    1. seeing the Tower

    2. so to see the Tower

    3. to see the Tower

    4. in order that to see the Tower

  1. They came late, so they …… wait.

    1. must b.) can c.) had to d.) were

  1. If he …… his exam he’ll go on to university.

    1. passes b.) passed c.) will pass d.) had passed

  1. Children prefer … TV to reading.

    1. watching b.) to watch c.) being watched d.)having watched

  1. ….., he met his friend.

    1. to go home b.) going home c.) having gone home d.) gone home

20.) I’m busy at the moment. …. on the computer.

a.) I work b.) I’m working c.) I’m work d.) I working

21.) Janet was out of breath because ……. .

a.) she’d been running b.) she did run c.) she’s been running d.) she’s run

22.) At nine o’clock yesterday morning we ……. for the bus.

a.) wait b.) waiting c.) was waiting d.) were waiting

23.) We can’t go along here because the road is ………. .

a.) been repaired b.) being repaired c.) repair d.) repaired

24.) Everyone in the group shook hands with ……… .

a.) each other b.) one other c.) one the other d.) themselves

25.) You can see the details ………… the computer screen.

a.) at b.) by c.) in d.) on

26.) The child ………. playing in the yard is my son.

a.) now b.) is c.) he d.) was

27.) I ……. this homework all by myself.

a.) did b.) answered c.) worked d.) made

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