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1 Семестр 1 курс

Вариант 2

  1. On Sundays I usually have ___ breakfast rather late.

a) a b) --- c) the d) an

2. This is _____ dog in the world.

a) smallest b) the smallest c) most small d) smaller

3. Honesty is _____ policy.

a) the best b) better c)more better d) best

4. Is there ______ work for you to do every day?

a) many b) much c) few d) a few

5. I don’t like ____ jokes.

a) hers b) her c) her’s d) herself

6. Are you coming to classes ___ Monday?

a) in b) on c) at d) by

7. Oh, look! ____ is something under the table.

a) it b) they c) then d) there

8. They have made _____ progress.

a) a few b) many c) little d) a

10. My Granny lives on the farm. She has a lot of _______.

a) goose b) geese c) gooses d) geeses

11. We often go to ___ theatre and to ___ cinema.

a) the b) a c) an d) ---

12. It is _____ restaurant in town.

a) the cheapest b) most cheap c) cheapest d) cheap

13. I’m afraid he works ______.

a) very much b) very many c) very few d) very plenty

14. You shouldn’t work _____.

a) so hardly b) so hard c) hardly so d) hard so

15. There is _____ in the bag.

a) no b) nothing c) anything d) some

16. There weren’t many people ___ party.

a) in b) on c) at d) during

17. She also speaks French _____.

a) very good b) very well c) very better d) well very

18. We prepared the supper by ________.

a) themselves b) ours c) ourselves d) ourself

19. I want those books. Please give _____ to me.

a) they b) then c) them d) themselves

20. The conference began _____ October 18.

a) at b) in c) on d) ---

21. ____ cold in Moscow in winter?

a) is it b) Does it c) Is there d) Does there

22. ____ is the best composition.

a) his b) Him c) He d) Himself

23. They _____ a lot of crying last night.

a) did b) do c) are d) were

24. How _____ you get to the station when you are late?

a) did b) do c) are d) have

25. He is _______ cleaning the room.

a) already b) yet c) still d) else

26. I may not ______ the work today, I have plenty of time.

a) doing b) to do c) to be done d) do

27. He _______ home at 7 o’clock yesterday.

a) was coming b) came c) come d) had come

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