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  1. What________beautiful night!

a) a * b) the c) --- d) an

2. He is _______ clerk in a bank.

a) --- b) an c) a d) the

3. They don’t have ______ luggage; just two small bags.

a) many b) much c) a d) no

4. It was ______ wonderful weather that the children spent the whole day outdoors.

a) so b) such a c) such d) so a

5. My sister’s son, Jimmy, is my favourite _________.

a) cousin b) niece c) uncle d) nephew

6. They all worked _______ at their English.

a) good b) nice c) hard d)hardly

7. Last year we swam in _____ Black Sea.

a) a b) an c) --- d) the

8. Is Tom _______ than Jim.

a) younger b) more younger c) most young d) youngest

9. I have two bad ______ . I must have them either filled or pulled out.

a) tooth b) teeth c) tooths d) teeths

10. He is _______ player in the team.

a) the better b) the best c) the most good d) better

11. After the lecture the students asked _____ questions

a) any b) much c) many d) a little

12. As the day went on, the weather got _______ .

a) badder b) worse c) more bad d) worser

13. Has _______ seen Tom?

a) somebody b) anybody c) something d) anything

14. Tom has _______ interest in his studies.

a) few b) little c) a few d) a little

15. He looks strange. What is wrong _____ him?

a) to b) with c) about d) of

16. When Peter came, his mother _______ dinner.

a) did b) was c) was cooked d) was cooking

17. Do you know _______ bag it is?

a) who’s b) which c) whose d) who

18. Mary is ready to take part ______ her next month’s show.

a) in b) on c) at d) by

19. The film __________ wasn’t very good but I liked the music.

a) himself b) hisself c) itself d) herself

20. I want to talk to _______ .

a) his b) her’s c) him d) herself

21. She speaks ______ English.

a) a good b) good c) well d) a well

22. He is so lazy. He never does ______ work.

a) nothing b) some c.) none d.) any

23. My friend never _______ basketball.

a) playing b) play c) plays d) am playing

24. He is sleeping now. When ____ he come yesterday?

a) did b) had c) has d) was

25. We are proud _____ our daughter’s progress at school.

a) at b) by c) of d) for

26. The man is old and he can’t ________ well.

a) hearing b) heard c) hear d) to hear

  1. We were the ______ students in the class who could speak Russian.

a.) alone b.) one c.) single d.) only

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