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5. Draw the ic – model and the derivational tree for the following sentences:

The woman sniffed the rose. The police shot the man in the right arm. The police shot the man in the red cap.

6. “Denominalize” the phrases:

The invitation of the writer, the roaring of the lion, the shooting of lions, the shooting of hunters.

7. State the deep structure of the sentences:

He is eager to please. He is easy to please

8.Compare the semantic structure of the following sentences:

  1. John broke the window with a stone. A stone broke the window. The window broke.

  2. The boy dug the sand. The boy dug a cave.

  1. Define the means of expressing the rheme. Translate into Russian:

A shot was fired. A bird few by . A girl entered the room. Even a child could do it.

Seminar 8

Composite sentence. Units larger than a sentence.

Topics for discussion:

1.The Composite sentence. General characteristics. Parataxis and hypotaxis.

(Blokh ,282-295; Kobrina , Ilуish , Ioffik 181-182.)

2. The compound sentence : means and types of coordination. Semantic relations between coordinate clauses.

(Ilyish, 264-268; Bloch,323-330; Kobrina,423-427)

3. The complex sentence: approaches to classification of complex sentences. Indicators of subordination.

(Ilyish,269-274; Blokh, 295- )

4. Text as a unit of grammar .Discourse and text. Text categories and characteristics.

(Ioffic, 199-201; Bloch ,351- , compilation 9-10, 1-3)

5.Text structure and its components.

(Blokh, 357-362), compitation,12-13.

Practical assignments

  1. Divide the text ‘Language’ into paragraph. Point to cohesive relations between them or within them.

2. Analyse sentence sequences of monologue and dialogue SPU.


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