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Упражнение 15

1. Because of this / am obliged to address not only you, members of the Duma, but all Russian citizens.

2. Since the future is an element of the present in the shape of a plan, Russian society has always put speculative intellectual effort above the im­mediate and pressing needs of the present.

3. In the future market will take over as regulatdr .

4. France made a turnabout in her foreign policy which brought her much closer to Russia.

5. They continue to see their saviour in the foggy monarchist-religious dream of a theocratic order.

6. Every Russian and American in our generation now has the opportu­nity to learn about each other's lives and opinions.

7. Countries cannot achieve their national goals unless they take into ac­count what has been done by others.

8. It's time to shake off this naive idea that without spending any extra cash on conversion we can flood the market with lots of consumer goods.

9. Whenever Official Writers monopolized these themes in the cen­sored press, the mass reader devoured these new works with genuine enthusiasm.

Упражнение 16

1. The degradation of Village Prose has greater significance for litera­ture, as it involves more gifted and socially important writers.

2. In time, however, things began to change. The shift began even before Perestroika, but its arrival made it more profound.



3. The pro-Western turn in the development of Soviet society brought about a clash between the village writers and society.

4. Lenin's work on his first major book, the Development of Capitalism in Russia, began to make more rapid progress.

5. The stratification and decay of official literature actually has little relevance to the future of literature.

6. The existence of official literature in the nationalistic camp appears rather ludicrous; after all it once sang the glories of internationalism.

7. The course of events called for immediate joint steps by peace loving states.

Упражнение 17

1. Siberia's iron and steel industry is expanding from West to East.

2. Today the burden of unemployment, inflation and delayed wages fall on the shoulders of EMTs too. Moreover, as statistics show, the position of the white-collar workers is deteriorating faster and faster.

3. At the same time we have a growing number of highly-skilled specialists. Without them today's economy would simply be incapable of developing.

4. Our union is constantly working towards overcoming the split in the national movement of coal miners' unions and strengthening its unity.

5. The situation in Cyprus has deteriorated because of the latest devel­opments in the Cyprus-Turkey relations.

6. The non-proliferation regime is based on the UN Non-Proliferation Treaty concluded in the 70s.

7. Democracy in the post-Soviet environment is expanding through the growing authority of elected government bodies.

8. It is no accident that today Village Prose is in decay.

9. Officially Eden went to Moscow to exchange views.

10. The dispute between Slavophiles and pro-Westerners emerged- be­cause of the very position of Russia.

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