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2. Ключи к упражнениям и текстам Упражнение1

1. She was hurt.

2. Her voice was heavy with tears.

3. They were at a banquet in honour of the team of which her son was a member.

4. He is a student at the 10th grade.

5. All the others were highly critical of the proposed agreement.

6. Don't be melodramatic, Helen. So I'm melodramatic, am I? Well, I'm not.

7. Today the world is a very different place from what it was at the be­ginning of this century and even at the middle of it.

8. He apologized saying that his watch was fast.


9. Censorship was a formative influence for this liberal school.

10. The concept of development at others' expense is becoming ob­solete.

11. This is humiliating for artistic intellectuals and their work.

12. Why is this social disease getting worse"?

13. Today we are witnessing the emergence of a new literature which is opposed to the old one chiefly by its readiness to communicate with any culture.

14. We hoped for dynamic and constructive work in the center and throughout the country. Our hopes were thwarted, you remember, I said I'd be blunt.

15. The stratification and decay of Official Literature actually has little relevance for the future of literature.

16. Socialist Realism taught the reader to view reality in the process of revolutionary transformation. It was full of grand promises and unlimited class hatred.

17. Yury Bondarev likens the new forces in our literature to the Nazi troops who overran the Soviet Union in 1941. On the lips of a former front-line soldier, Bondarev's comparison is a pretty sharp accusation.

Упражнение 2

1. Defeated many times, the drive for democracy and humanism has not disappeared.

2. These politicians find it especially difficult to leave behind the stereotypes and experience of the time.

3. To deny a nation the freedom of choice is to upset the unstable bal­ance that has been achieved.

4. This does not mean that in a year or two we won't be able to signifi­cantly speed up economic development, remove social tensions and convince the people that we are heading in the right direction.

5. But the quasi-intellectual birds-of-a-feather spirit does exist, acquiring increasingly ugly forms and giving strength to reactionary forces and dark instincts.

6. A new economic system has to be urgently built, since the old one no longer works.

7. We are giving more rights to local government bodies.

8. Oil prices will be pegged to current world rates.

9. In this country and all over the world dictators fall.

10. Village and Liberal Prose, each in its own way, suffered from the dis­ease of hypermoralism.


11. The new literature also draws strength from its ability to adapt to the conditions of free self-expression.

12. It all too often distracted Russian literature from aesthetic concerns and drew it into the realm of sermonizing.

13. Socialist Realism preferred future to the present.

14. The wave of reaction that is now trying to clear the way for a right-ward shift will ebb away.

15. Real artists will do what they are supposed to do.

16. The question of how far a Brezhnev-era writer such as Georgy Markov believed in what he wrote was never asked; it seemed indecent.

17. This is humiliating for artistic intellectuals and their work; it turns the public against them, has a negative effect on the cultural climate in society and offends public morality.

18. For decades political life was forced into an outrageously perverted harness; this could not but affect the creative process.

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