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Упражнение 28

1. Our nations entered a phase of great opportunities, which are therefor the taking if only the leaders of both countries are politically astute enough to seize them.

2. This is one of the things that is holding the reforms back.

3. When asked to assess the reasons for the country's economic plight and how to escape from it, Shatalin sticks only to the facts.

4. It seems it is necessary for states to reconsider their attitude toward such a unique instrument as the United Nations, without which world poli­tics is inconceivable.

5. The point at issue is not a conflict between pro-Westerners and Sla­vophiles, but a continuation of numerous outrageous distortions and abnor­malities — historic, economic and political — which have accumulated and which have enhanced one another over many decades.

6. Also, economic discipline is on the decline especially where state or­ders and contracts are concerned.

7. Shatalin proposes that, as a matter of priority, remuneration be brought in line with the result of one's labour.

8. The article says that military co-operation also covers space and missiles.

9. We are becoming ever more outspoken in analyzing the profound factors that slow down reforms.

Упражнение 29

1. We are now at crossroads. We may either return to the old way, which leads into an impasse or resolutely overcome the vestiges of the authoritarian past, which stifle our initiative and cripple our souls.

2. Many honest and upstanding people, who were considered inconven­ient and uncontrollable, were removed from the scene, harassed and, more recently, placed in conditions which did not allow them to work normally. They were labelled dissidents.

3. Nevertheless, many got used to this and liked it the way it was. For personal honors and benefits they readily harassed some of their own who dared to have different views.

4. "The job of local authorities is to provide their people with things that are otherwise unavailable in the area, or create the necessary conditions for independent business operations that will do it for them", Shatalin sums up.

5. At first the local government officials gave the green light to co­operatives that sought to make quick profit by dishonest means. Such co­operatives had more money and were more "compliant".



6. It is much later that historians of art and literature exalt them by dis­carding all no substance and ambitious and leaving only what really matters and has any artistic value.

7. The wave of reaction that is now trying to clear the way for a right-ward shift will ebb away. It will end in farce.

8. We are becoming ever more outspoken in analyzing the profound factors that slow down reforms and, naturally, we want to find out whether the designers acted in good faith.

9. Paradoxically as it might seem, this happens because they are very sincere and trusting people.

10. The real test for what we build will be when it comes face to face with foreign products and finds itself in competition with unofficial hire network which passes the films on from hand to hand.

11. The people of both nations have awakened to the inevitability of what will happen if they do not make changes.

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