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Упражнение 23

1. Many factors make it ever more essential to stimulate economic co­operation between our two countries. Modern production level, for one. Also, the grand scale of production, the revolution of science and technology and the growing international specialization and division of labour.

2. What remains to be seen is whether these countries will follow the old technological patterns in their economic development or be able to join those who search after ecologically clean production.

3. There are many problems independent unions are faced with today. They have to discern the main development trends in the consciousness of the working people, learn how to guide these trends into the most effective channels and come forward at the right time with appropriate watchwords.

4. It is not only this that makes our task novel and difficult.

5. The quasi-intellectual birds-of-a-feather spirit does exist. What is more it has been acquiring increasingly ugly forms.

6. Nechayev was more than an advocate of terror, he was synonymous with conspirational politics entailing secret plans of the overthrow and mer­ciless extermination of hated authorities and governments. In the terminol­ogy of the time, such tactics were called Blanquist, after Louis Auguste Blanqui, a radical activist of France during the 1830s and 1840s.

7. A new world armed conflict was rapidly brewing. The seats of war in Europe and the Far East were close to its borders. All this created a real threat to the country.

8. Video Film provides more favourable conditions and puts a justified emphasis on videos for group audiences. This, however, does not mean that videos for the individual viewers are to be relegated to second place.

9. Anti-war and anti-Nazi movements gained momentum, as Japan seized Manchuria, Spanish war broke out and Nazis came to power in Germany.


10. The United States wielded great military and industrial power and had considerable influence. This gave it an ample possibility for sounding a stem warning to curb the aggressors.

Упражнение 24

1. It is only natural people do not see eye to eye on nagging social problems and artistic forms and styles.

2. One proof of this is the role that unions play in rectifying, improving, regulating and stipulating the housing and working conditions through la­bour contracts and strikes.

3. Meanwhile, normal, honest, hard working people have to fight with countless problems and difficulties and live under the burden of red tape, in­difference and soaring crime. They must have some explanation or a sem­blance of explanation.

4. We shall face extremely difficult problems in the nearest future. The prospect gives rise to a wide range of opinions.

5. The Italian government was unable to pursue an active policy in Central Europe because of its intervention in Spain. As a result, it increas­ingly needed Germany's economic and political support.

6. Hitler treated the Italians with contempt and gave them a low rating as military allies. Just the same, he decided to use Italy's manpower and material resources for his own plans.

7. After Hitler had his hands on the resources of almost the entire conti­nent, he would easily deal with Britain too.

8. When Lord Halifax's car pulled up at the entrance to Hitler's villa in Berchtesgaden, the Fuehrer came down the steps to meet him. Halifax mis­took him for the lackey who was to help him out of the car. But their meeting was in no way marred by that unfortunate slip.

9. The Polish government backed this initiative and it responded by pro­posing a collective pact.

10. Some sectors have achieved certain improvements, but the economic situation as a whole is very complicated.

11. In the long run someone will have to be responsible for all this. They are aware of it and are trying to ward off the arrows of public anger by pointing an accusing finger in various directions.

Упражнение 25

1. Nations and public at large ardently wish to see improvements. They want to learn to co-operate.

2. Democracy is not only a means. // is an end in itself of paramount importance.


3. We have come here to share our ideas and -we want this most authoritative world organization to be the first to know about our new and important decisions.

4. A market-oriented economy is the pivot of this program, and for a good reason. The market provides a thorough restructuring of the obtaining economic system. It allows us to make essential changes in production rela­tions and, in the final analysis, to give our economy a new quality.

5. People want to know the truth about each other to be aware that they are part q/'the great human family of nations, languages and cultures.

6. We are becoming ever more outspoken in analyzing the profound factors that slow down reforms, and, naturally, we want to find out whether the designers acted in good faith.

7. Only then we shall feel the results of our efforts and satisfaction in our hearts, and both our life and ourselves will change.

8. Freedom may be a scourge, it can destabilize a person's inner world.

9. Slavophiles were decent people and real patriots, who sought a special way for Russia. They thought the West posed a threat to such a way, al­though objectively they were largely influenced by the West.

10. This agitates people and makes them nervous. They face a choice: ei­ther try to understand these phenomena or reject thtfm.

11. Yuri Petrov started his career as head of the plant's leading depart­ment, he was in charge of the logistical support for its reform. Since then, whatever turn his career might have taken, he had always kept a vigilant eye on this sphere.

12. The authoritarian way of life suppresses human activity and inde­pendence. It has thousands of ways for doing it. The suppression begins at kindergarten and school.

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