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Koshurina Victoria (Кошурина Виктория Евгеньевна), Junior year Sociology student NRU HSE koshvi@yandex.ru

Students’ usage of icTs Использование икт в студенческой жизни1 a comparative study on gmu (usa) and hse (Russia) students

This paper analyzes the influence of ICTs: the abbreviation that refers to the Information and Communication technologies that is basically every home appliance and program, hardware and software around us. We are interested in how this ICTs are implemented in everyone’s everyday lives and also we would like to see how it works for the specific academic sphere of students’ lives. Our observation is focused on two groups of people from the academic community: GMU (USA) and HSE (Russia) students And in this paper we define the object of our research as the students’ usage of ICTs and explain how different are students in the field of this research on an urgent topic of modern technology that constantly improves and though needs more and more research.

Although we can find technological impact in every sphere of humans lives this influence causes a lot of controversy. It is especially doubtful concerning the academic life.

The whole research that is the main source in this paper discusses how the science in whole develops in the course of time and what factors determine academic efficiency of certain individual. But we will move on to the concrete description of the students’ practices of using ICT and its academic benefits focusing on the differences of the ICT usage between GMU and HSE students.

Keywords: ICT, students, higher education, university, academic benefits, Internet, mobility

Table of contents

Table of contents 2

Introduction 3

Theoretical part (4-5 стр.) 4

1) Краткое описание 1-2 основных понятий (сравнение использования их различными авторами), задание языкового контекста. 4

2) Теоретические схемы и подходы, использующиеся при анализе данного явления. 5

3) Полученные ранее эмпирические результаты. 5

4) Что вас не устраивает, чем ваше исследование будет выгодно отличаться от предыдущих? 6

5) Методология и методика вашего исследования (1 абзац). 6

Текущая ситуация (4-5 стр.) – дескриптивная статистика и некоторые кросстабы – для разогрева читателя, чтобы он вообще понял, о чем идет речь. 8

Поиск взаимосвязей между переменными, аналитика (8-10 стр.) 9

Conclusion 14

Bibliography 15


This research is devoted to the analysis of the usage of ICTs and their implementation in daily life of the human beings in modern society. Thus, our aim is to observe students’ practices of using Information and Communication technologies both for their educational and personal purposes. As exchange students we have a possibility to study students from GMU (the USA) and HSE (Russia).

Nowadays, information is growing at an exponential rate due to the diversity of its formats, in particular, digital media. Currently, ICTs represent a significant factor in the constantly changing relationship between the information and an individual. It is thought that ICTs possess a high potential for both economic and social development. In addition, ICTs have strong effects on education (in schools and in higher institutions). Social scientists and researchers are divided into two opposite groups. The first group believes ICTs increase the variety of the way information is delivered, and therefore increasing education as individuals can acquire knowledge any time, from anywhere and through a greater variety of sources. The second group doesn’t see a real change in the process of education or increase in its level. ICTs create a new social phenomenon of “presence and absence” and “absence and presence” that refer to the situation where people can be involved in several places simultaneously. That usually leads to the need from multitasking: people have to maintain several levels of interaction and do several things at the same time. The term multitasking is relatively new and as a result its effects on learning haven’t been studied conclusively. It can either be an everyday part of an individual’s life or a powerful distraction that has the ability to prevent people from self-development.

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