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Linda Andersson & Sara Marx - In Sight of the S...docx
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It was comfort that only Terence could administer. She smiled at last, covered her lips slightly so he wouldn’t know how good a job he’d done cheering her.

“Let’s walk.” He grabbed her arm as if to keep her from sprinting off. They started back on the path. “You know, if I had your powers, I’d definitely use them for good, if you know what I mean.” He nodded, wriggled his eyebrows playfully. “And I think you do.”

Guin grinned at him. “You’re nutty. Come on.” She took a few steps, preparing to launch into a sprint.

“Oh, Christ…”

“Yeah, you’re going to need superpowers to keep up…” She literally left him in the dust.

Guin waited for him at her car for nearly ten minutes. Then Terence, looking wiped out, showed at last. He practically dragged himself to the parking lot. She ignored his death glare, handed him a water bottle. “Chin up, little buckaroo. Next up, lunch. My treat.”

“As if I could eat after that.” He took a long swig of water, swiped the sweat off his forehead. “Your self-loathing is killing me.”

They watched as a lesbian couple got out of their Jeep with a floppy Labrador puppy in tow. They leashed the pet, casually grabbed hands, and started up the hill toward the dog park.

“I want that,” Guin said softly.

“Tell me you’re talking about the puppy.” They watched the pair until they were out of sight. Terence shook his head, softened. “Trust me, you do not want to get into a new relationship in your present needy state of mind. That’s just inviting in more crazy.” He shot her a look. “No offense. And remember that even without the problem of your special gift, relationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.”

“Maybe not. But just one time, I’d like to hold someone without knowing all the bad shit they’ve done behind my back. Lay down in a bed without knowing who snuck out of it that morning—that kind of thing.” She shrugged. “It’s not easy is all I’m saying.”

“Oh, sweetie.” Terence went to hug her, but she cringed and took a step back.

“Thanks anyway, sweaty boy.”

Terence looked thoughtful. “Guin, listen to what you’re saying. The problem isn’t your special powers. It’s a case of you repeatedly picking the wrong women.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Why do you think you’re getting all that bad mojo off them? You know, you get in these moods, see things like that—” He waved toward the path where the happy couple had been moments earlier “—and you get all sentimental, all sad, all...needy. And then you grab the first woman who smiles your way.”

“A lot of women smile my way, Terence,” she said with a touch of resentment.

She started to get in the car, but Terence caught her shoulder, kept her attention. “If you’re serious about wanting a real relationship, you need to decide what is most important to you. Make a list and don’t stop until you’ve found someone with all those qualities.”

“Just like that,” she said, her disbelief clear in her voice. “A list.”

“Ask the universe and you shall receive.” He sounded like Dr. Phil. “Get as picky as you want. Don’t settle for another Monica. Or Lynn.” He appeared to consider it. “Or Trinity. Or Beth. Or…what was the girl’s name…? The one with the funky piercing in her—”

“I get what you’re saying.” She leaned against the car, toed the gravel with her running shoe. “What if I’ve already found her?”

“Hello? Was ‘married woman’ on your list?” He dramatically threw his hands on his hips when she shrugged. Then he wagged his index finger in her face. “I think no.”

“I think I’m going to tell Cheryl,” Guin announced.

“I think that’s a mistake.”

“I don’t think I’ll lose her.”

Terence leaned away from the car slightly, gauged her expression. “Do I need to point out the absurdity of that statement?”

He didn’t. Terence dropped back against the car and they quietly watched more dog park patrons unload a variety of canines and head uphill. There were some couples and several lovely singles.

A girly-girl wearing impractical heels and carrying a poodle jumped out of a posh convertible and started toward the path. Her doting boyfriend, purse in hand, was hot on her heels.

Terence broke the silence. “Maybe you should get yourself a dog. They’re loyal and loving. No second-guessing involved.”

Girly-girl noticed Guin leaning against her car, shot her a wink and blew her a kiss. A crooked smile came to Guin’s lips. “Oh, I don’t know, Terence. I enjoy a good second-guess.”

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