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4. State system of the republic:

The government of the Komi Republic consists of three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The leader of the republic is the Head, who is appointed by the President for 4 years.

The legislative power is exercised by the State Council which consists of deputies from all constituencies, elected for 4 years by people.

The executive power belongs to the Government, or the Cabinet of Ministers, which is headed by the Head of the Komi Republic.

The judicial power is vested in the system of courts. It consists of the KR Constitutional Court, the KR Supreme Court, the KR Supreme Court of Arbitration and other courts.

The national symbol of the Komi Republic is a white- green- and-blue banner. The hymn is the melody, based on the song by Victor Savin “Varjish Poz”(“Crow’ nest”). The national emblem is a golden bird of prey on the red heraldic shield with a woman’s face on the chest and six elk heads.

I. Memorize the following words and expressions:

1. to be equal to - быть равным, равняться

to border on - граничить с ...

neighbour - сосед

coniferous - хвойный

to be rich in - быть богатым (чем- либо)

fur- bearing animals (fur- bearers) - пушные животные

squirrel - белка

sable - соболь

marten - куница

polar fox - песец

picturesque - живописный

2. to be related to - быть родственным ...

cosmopolitan - многонациональный

urban - городской

3. timber - древесина, строевой лес

sawn timber - пиломатериалы

plywood - фанера

fuel - топливо

deposit - месторождение

item - зд. изделие

4. legislative power - законодательная власть

executive power - исполнительная власть

judicial power - судебная власть

national emblem - государственный герб

II. Fill in the blanks with the following words:

titanium, harbour, middle, hub, headquarters, capital, inhabitants, scenery, timber, refinery

1. Syktyvkar is the ... of the Komi Republic.

2. Pechora is the ... of the republic’s vital transportation routes, the railway and the Pechora river.

3. Half of all Russian reserves of ... are located under Ukhta’s oil strata.

4. There are about 250 thousand... in Syktyvkar.

5. Pechora’s ... is the only direct connection to the sea.

6. Ukhta oil ... is of great importance to Komi’s economy.

7. The ... is unique and very beautiful.

8. ... industry is highly developed in Syktyvkar and Pechora.

9. Ukhta is situated in the ... of Komi.

10. The republic’s largest industrial concern Vorkutaugol has its ... in Vorkuta.

III. Read the text and get ready to speak about the capital of the Komi Republic according to the following plan:

1. Syktyvkar as the centre of the republic.

2. The history of Ust- Sysolsk.

3. Syktyvkar as a big industrial town.

4. Syktyvkar as an educational centre.


Syktyvkar, the capital, is the oldest town of the republic, its administrative, economic and cultural centre. It is situated on the high banks of the Sysola river.

Ust- Sysolsk is the old name of the town. It was mentioned in written documents as far back as in 1586. In 1780 Ust- Sysolsk was given the status of a town, its emblem being a sleeping bear in a den.

In the 19-th century Ust- Sysolsk became a considerable trading centre in the North. Beautiful and valuable furs, various products of agriculture, animal products and fish were sold and bought at the fairs in Ust- Sysolsk. At that time it became a place of exile for people who opposed the tsarist regime. In 1930 Ust- Sysolsk was given a Komi name of Syktyvkar which means “a town on the Sysola river”.

At present Syktyvkar is a big industrial town with the population of about 240 thousand people. There are more than 100 big and small companies there, among them there is a big timber complex. Light and food industry, building trusts, timber processing and mechanical plants are the main industries in Syktyvkar.

Cultural and educational life of the town is many- sided and diverse. The Komi Branch of the Academy of Sciences, the Komi State Pedagogical Institute, Syktyvkar State University and Timber Academy are the four academic institutions in the town. There are two theaters- musical and drama, a concert hall, museums, libraries, sports complexes and swimming pools.

Although Syktyvkar marked its bicentenary it is becoming more beautiful and the citizens do everything to make it look even better.

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