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B) having gone

C) being gone

D) having been gone

The students objected to … this task.

A) giving

B) being given

C) having given

D) having been giving

These doctors were proud of … this newborn.

A) having saved

B) having saving

C) being saved

D) having been saved

This young doctor was surprised at ….

A) having praised

B) praising

C) having been praised

D) being praising

weight gain is more difficult later in pregnancy.

A) Having controlled

B) Controlling

C) Having been controlled

D) Being controlled

She couldn’t remember … this young child before.

A) seeing

B) being seen

C) having been seen

D) having seen

Every doctor must be good at … to what patients say.

A) listening

B) being listened

C) having listened

D) having been listened

Students prefer … to the interesting lectures at the university.

a)having listened;


c)having been listened;

d)being listened.

We were surprised at the physician’s… her diet yesterday.

a)having changed;


c)being changed;

d)having been changed.

The doctor is sure of her miscarriage … by lack of iodine and iron.

a)having caused;

b)having been caused;



care of infants is a demanding work.

A) being taken

B) taking

C) having taken

D) having been taken

Visitors entered the ward without ….

A) noticing

B) having noticed

C) being noticed

D) having being noticed

The neonatologist insisted on the nurse’s … an injection of vitamin K to a newborn to prevent bleeding.

A) having made

B) having been made

C) making

D) being made

A pregnant woman must ask her doctor about … a prenatal vitamin that contain folic acid, calcium, and iron.

A) having started

B) having been started

C) being started

D) starting

The doctor was accused of his … a wrong diagnosis.

A) being made

B) making

C) having made

D) having been made

The pediatrician insisted on the patient’s … by a psychiatrist.

A) being consulted

B) consulting

C) having consulted

D) having been consulting

The doctor regretted … antihistamines to that woman last Tuesday.

  1. having prescribed

  2. prescribing

  3. being prescribed

  4. having been prescribed

He suggested … an ambulance, when he saw how pale she was.

  1. having been called

  2. calling

  3. having called

  4. being called

Vitamins are necessary for … the energy in the body.

  1. being maintained

  2. having maintained

  3. having been maintained

  4. maintaining

He wasn’t satisfied with their .. this procedure before examination.

A) performing

B) being performed

C) having performed

D) having been performed

The pregnant remembers … to reduce the consumption of coffee.

A) having recommended

B) recommending

C) having been recommended

D) being recommending

A pregnant woman needs … a doctor immediately if she experiences heavy bleeding or a sudden loss of fluid.

A) calling

B) being called

C) having been called

D) having called

The young doctor is proud of …. by this experienced surgeon.

A) having praised

B) having been praised

C) praising

D) being praising

The patient entered the doctor’s consulting room without ….

A) noticing

B) having noticed

C) having been noticed

D) being noticed

The doctor was accused of his … a wrong diagnosis of this case.

A) having made

B) having been made

C) making

D) being made

The mother was afraid of her newborn’s … a painful procedure.

A) performing

B) being performed

C) having performed

D) having been performed

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