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2 курс ФК, ЕП, УП Денне / ІІ курс денне Англійська мова / Англійськамова ФК English for future financiers.doc
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Do you know the meaning of the following words and word combinations? Try to match up each of them to its Ukrainian equivalent. Use your dictionary if necessary.

  1. to devise

  2. to keep a record

  3. to possess

  4. value

  5. to keep an account

  6. to render an account

  7. financial accountant

  8. chartered accountant

  9. management accountant

  1. cost accountant

  2. fair

  3. transaction

  4. to draw up an account

  5. to act on behalf of smb

  6. to declare

  7. auditing

17. to derive from

а) вести рахунок

б) бухгалтер-фінансист

в) бухгалтер-калькулятор г) складати фінансовий звіт д) чесний; достатній е) вартість; цінність є) діяти від чийогось імені ж) оголошувати; заявляти з) проведення ревізії и) придумувати, винаходити

і) надавати рахунок ї) головний бухгалтер - аналітик й) володіти

к) одержувати, здобувати л) угода м) дипломований бухгалтер вищої кваліфікації; аудитор н) вести облік; вести документацію

Pre-reading task

Work in small groups.

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Why is it necessary for any company to keep a record of what they possess?

  • The accounting profession has some advantages and disadvantages. Do you have any idea about what they are?

Preface each answer with one of the following according to what is true for you:

I believe it is rather an interesting problem…

My personal opinion as to…

Unfortunately, I have no idea …

It depends, I think, on…

I’m not absolutely certain, but I think…


  1. Read text 7. How much of the information did your group already know?

Text 7

Introduction to accounting

Since people have owned properly they have devised methods of keeping a record of what they possessed and its value. They wished to keep an account of what they had and, when responsible for other people’s property, they needed to render an account of how they had used it. Traditionally the accounting profession has been divided into financial accountants, whose professional association is the Institute of Chartered Accountants, and management accountants, who are members of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants.

Financial accountants are primarily concerned with making sure that the accounts of a business are a true and fair record of the financial transactions of the business. They may do this by drawing up the accounts of a business from the records kept by the various departments or, acting on behalf of another business, they may examine existing accounts and declare them to be a true and fair record. This process is known as auditing.

Management accountants are more interested in the information they can derive from financial accounts.

  1. Comprehension check.

Working in pairs, answer the questions.

a) What is of vital importance for people if they own property and run a business?

b) What is a traditional division in the accounting profession?

c) Which of two professional associations mentioned in the text relates to financial accountants and which to management accountants?

d) In what way do the responsibilities of a financial accountant differ from a management accountant?

Role – play

Work in pairs.

Student A You are a staff manager in a food processing company who selects both a financial accountant and a management accountant. You are expected to explain applicants their duties and choose the right person for these posts.

Student B – is an applicant for the post of a financial accountant.

Student C – is an applicant for the vacancy of a management accountant.

You have just graduated from the University and are eager to get experience in accounting and well – paid job. Persuade the staff manager that you are the best applicant for this post. Have a talk with a staff manager of a company.