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  1. TASK 26. Creative writing.

  2. Imagine that you are a pilot who has just made a solo flight around the world. Write a two-page article to a youth magazine about what you have seen from the sky. Follow the recommendations below on how to write magazine articles.

  3. Recommendations

  1. Title: Articles usually have a title. The title should be informative (give the reader an idea of the subject) and attractive (make the reader want to read the article).

  2. Opening: The start of the article should be linked to the title, introduce the topic and engage the reader. Often, an article starts with a question which introduces the topic which will be discussed in the article.

  3. Paragraphs: Should be clearly defined, not too long and clearly linked.

  4. Ending: Should conclude the article.

  5. Register or Style: Could be light or serious (but should be consistent), depending on who the target reader is. May use some rhetorical questions e.g. Can you imagine our Earth from the bird's-eye perspective?

  6. Range of language: Probably, some use of descriptive language and language of opinion. Always give some examples.

  1. TASK 27. Study the information about the administrative division of the UK given below.

  2. Step 1. Read through some information about the British Counties. Learn at least 10 names of the British Counties by heart. Be sure you know how they are pronounced.

  3. There have been a number of different classifications of counties within the United Kingdom over the last several decades. There have been different administrative counties, ceremonial counties, traditional counties and more recently the European Union is carving the UK up into European 'regions'. Which 'county' a town is in depends on which definition of county you are using and in which context. Some of the counties in this list no longer exist as administrative counties [in the context of local government] although they are frequently referred to as common geographical boundaries and in terms of catchment areas for services (микрорайон, обслуживаемый больницей, школой) like fire brigades and policing.

  1. Avon

  2. Bedfordshire

  3. Berkshire

  4. Borders

  5. Buckinghamshire

  6. Cambridgeshire

  7. Central

  8. Cheshire

  9. Cleveland

  10. Clwyd

  11. Cornwall

  12. County Antrim

  13. County Armagh

  14. County Down

  15. County Fermanagh

  16. County Londonderry

  17. County Tyrone

  18. Cumbria

  19. Derbyshire

  20. Devon

  21. Dorset

  22. Dumfries and Galloway

  23. Durham

  24. Dyfed

  25. East Sussex

  26. Essex

  27. Fife

  28. Gloucestershire

  29. Grampian

  30. Greater Manchester

  31. Gwent

  32. Gwynedd County

  33. Hampshire

  34. Herefordshire

  35. Hertfordshire

  36. Highlands and Islands

  37. Humberside

  38. Isle of Wight

  39. Kent

  40. Lancashire

  41. Leicestershire

  42. Lincolnshire

  43. Lothian

  44. Merseyside

  45. Mid Glamorgan

  46. Norfolk

  47. North Yorkshire

  48. Northamptonshire

  49. Northumberland

  50. Nottinghamshire

  51. Oxfordshire

  52. Powys

  53. Rutland

  54. Shropshire

  55. Somerset

  56. South Glamorgan

  57. South Yorkshire

  58. Staffordshire

  59. Strathclyde

  60. Suffolk

  61. Surrey

  62. Tayside

  63. Tyne and Wear

  64. Warwickshire

  65. West Glamorgan

  66. West Midlands

  67. West Sussex

  68. West Yorkshire

  69. Wiltshire

  70. Worcestershire

  1. Step 2. Choose one of the counties in the list above and make a 3-minute presentation of one of the counties of Great Britain in terms of physical geography.

  2. Follow the recommendations below on how to make a presentation:

  1. Introduction

  • Name the county you are going to present.

  • Give reasons why you have chosen this particular county.

  1. Main body of the presentation

  • Describe the general location of the county.

  • Say what other counties it borders on.

  • Name the most important mountains, hills, rivers, lakes etc. situated on the territory of the county.

  • Speak about the natural resources which can be found on the territory of the county.

  • Speak about the main cities that are situated on the territory of the county.

  • Speak about the places of interest and beauty that are situated on the territory of the county.

  1. Conclusion

  • Conclude your presentation by welcoming the listeners to the county you have presented and thanking them for their attention.

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