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Germinal Stage – Week 1 & 2

The amnion from the blastocyst forms a thin sac of tissue that surrounds the fetus and is filled with amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is constantly absorbed and replaced with new fluid every 2 to 3 hours

The embryoblasts change into three cell layers

Outer – skin, nervous system

Middle – skeleton, muscles, heart, blood

Inner – liver pancreas and digestive system

Embryonic Stage – Week 2 to 8

Remarkable growth

All embryonic organs become partially formed

By the end of the first month the primitive heart has begun to beat

Buds of tissue that will form the arms and legs appear

Fetal Stage – 9 Weeks to Birth

All primitive organs and structures becoem more differentiated

Second month distinct hands and feet have formed

Blood vessels are forming

12 weeks fetal stomach is producing digestive fluids

Heart is pumping blood through the fetal arteries and veins

Kidneys have begun to function

External genitalia appear

The Fetus (Beginning of the

Ninth Week)

All organ systems are formed by the end of the eighth week

Activities of the fetus are growth and organ specialization

A stage of tremendous growth and change in appearance

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