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5. Прямая и косвенная речь. Согласование времен

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She said that she______keen on drawing.

a) was c) has been

b) is d) were

2.1______her that I______time to play the piano.

a) told, have no c) told, did not have

b) tells, did not have d) told to, had not have

3. Jane answered that she______very early, so she______

the news.

a) went to bed, hadn't seen

b) had gone to bed, hadn't seen

c) has gone to bed, hasn't seen

d) had gone to bed, didn't see

4. Mary told me that she______to leave for London the

next week.

a) is going c) were going

b) has gone d) was going

5.1 replied that I _____ her when I______back.

a) will phone, got

b) would phone, got

c) will have phoned, will have come

d) is to phone, get

6. Mary said that Paris______beautiful in spring.

a) is c) was

b) has been d) were

7. The teacher______a report on the Civil War.

a) told Jane to make c) told Jane make

b) tell to Jane to make d) told to Jane to make

8. Jane______worry about her health.

a) ask to me not to c) asked me not to

b) asked to not d) asked not

9.1 said that I______if I______time.

a) will go, have c) would go, have had

b) would go, had d) will go, had

10. Mary answered that she______wake up early in the

morning when she was young.

a) did get used to c) gets used to

b) is getting used to d) used

11. Jane told me______calm.

a) to stay c) to have stayed

b) stay d) staying

12. I am surprised to see you. Your mother said you______


a) were c) has been

b) are d) had been

13. She said that Mary______into her flat because she

______her key.

a) cannot get, lost c) couldn't get, had lost

b) couldn't get, has lost d) can't get, was losing

14. Jane told everybody that she______a meeting______.

a) had, tomorrow

b) was having, tomorrow

c) will have, the next day

d) was having, the next day

15. Mary told me that writing a test______her nervous.

a) is making c) will make

b) made d) make

16. He said that he______in America for two years.

a) lived c) had been living

b) had lived d) lives

17. They said that we______when Mary______.

a) would leave, came c) will leave, came

b) would leave, comes d) would leave, had come

18. Jane told me that Africa______than America.

a) was nicer c) is being nicer

b) has been nicer d) is nicer

19. I told everyone that I________to the party at ten, but

______as soon as possible.

a) couldn't come, would arrive

b) can't come, would arrive

c) couldn't come, arrive

d) can't come, will arrive

20. "How are your parents?" she asked. I answered that they ______ very well.

a) were c) have been

b) are d) were being

21. — The play is boring.

— Is it? 1 thought you said it______exciting!

a) is c) was

b) were d) had been

22. Mary told me that she______Helen in the park and that


a) saw, had seemed c) had seen, seemed

b) had seen, had seemed d) has seen, was seeming

23. He said that his car _____ a few days ago.

a) was stolen c) had been stolen

b) has been stolen d) is stolen

24. Jane told me that I______at her house if I______ever

in Paris.

a) could stay, was c) can to stay, was

b) can stay, am d) could have stayed, was

25. Mary answered that she______the next month.

a) is married c) was marrying

b) was getting married d) is marrying

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Ellie exclaimed that she______that car since her farther

gave it to her and that there had been no complaints.

a) had driven c) drove

b) had been driving d) was driving

2. Vie said that they knew only what was in the papers, that

they______for a call or a telegram since they heard of the


a) waited c) had waited

b) were waiting d) had been waiting

3. Norma said that the old car had broken when they______

the bridge.

a) has crossed c) crossed

b) had been crossing d) were crossing

4. She said she couldn't go in the water because she______

her swimming suit.

a) had not brought c) hasn't brought

b) didn't bring d) will not bring

5. She said that my shoes were wet through and asked if I ______all the way from the station in that rain.

a) has walked c) walking

b) had walked d) was walking

6. The old teacher advised me to speak slowly if 1______

them to understand me.

a) had wanted c) wanted

b) want d) would want

7. It was announced that the international treaty against the new warfare______and had gone into effect.

a) would have been ratified

b) is ratified

c) had been ratified

d) was ratified

8. The Navy officials said that the dolphins______in salt

water holding tanks.

a) will be kept c) are kept

b) would be kept d) will kept

9. Nobody can explain why she decided to touch upon the

matter yesterday night. She______that the whole subject

was too dangerous to discuss at night.

a) ought to know c) ought known

b) ought to have known d) ought know

10. It has recently been announced that further supplies ______soon be available.

a) will c) were

b) would d) are

11. She wondered if Stephen had found that the room was empty and if he______for her at the moment.

a) looked c) was looked

b) had been looking d) was looking

12. The receptionist told us that from our room we______a

wonderful view over the sea.

a) will have c) would have

b) were going to have d) were having

13. Miss Marple replied that she______surprised at seeing

the doctor depart.

a) is not c) has not been

b) won't be d) would not be

14. The receptionist explained that breakfast______served

between 7.00 and 9.00.

a) is b) is being

с) was d) was being

15. The guide reminded us that after lunch we_________


a) go c) went

b) were going d) would go

16. Lis assured me that the party______a great fun. But in

fact, it wasn't.

a) will be c) have been

b) would be d) will have been

17. He inquired if I really______anything about the matter.

a) know c) had known

b) knew d) will know

18. The inspector wanted to know when each of us last______

Mr. Foster.

a) saw c) would see

b) had seen d) had been seeing

19. The Managing Director declared that during the previous year the company's profits______steadily______.

a) have been increasing c) had increased

b) had been increasing d) increased

20. The hotel owner informed us that he______the police


a) is going to call c) was going to call

b) has called d) had called

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не asked me if Tom______yet.

a) hadn't left c) leaves

b) left d) hasn't left

2. He asked me how long I______English.

a) learn c) has been learning

b) am learning d) had been learning

3.1 didn't know who they______about.

a) speak c) were speaking

b) are speaking d) spoke

4. Do you know whose work they______.

a) discuss c) were discussing

b) are discussing d) discussed

5.1 didn't know he______a new book.

a) wrote c) writes

b) has written d) had written

6. We didn't know whose things they______.

a) were c) can be

b) are d) may be

7. All the students knew they______revise for the examina­tions.

a) will c) may

b) must d) had to

8. He showed me which exercises he______.

a) does c) had done

b) has done d) '11 do.

9. He knows that Peter______in Kiev now.

a) was b) is

с) '11 be d) has been

10. He knew why Peter______to Kiev several times.

a) was c) had been

b) has been d) '11 be

11.1 thought you______do it tomorrow.

a) 'd c) can

b) '11 d) must

12. We were sure that you______cope with the task.

a) can c) could

b) will d) are able to

13. The teacher asked what we______.

a) discuss c) are discussing

b) discussed d) were discussing

14. He wanted to know when we______there again.

a) go c) '11 go

b) were going d) are going

15. A man asked how______to the Red Square.

a) get c) getting

b) to get d) 'd get

16.1 forgot which exercises I______do .

a) must c) had to

b) had d) 'd do

17. She told us that the weather______change soon.

a) would c) can

b) will d) may

18. He asked me which street I______in.

a) am living c) '11 live

b) live d) lived

19. He says that he______in Kiev two years ago.

a) lived c) lives

b) had lived d) live

20. I've heard that he______back to Moscow tomorrow.

a) came c) come

b) is coming d) has come

21. He asked us when we______free.

a) are c) would be

b) '11 be d) have been

22.1 knew I______write the article if I_______time.

a) can, had c) would, d' have

b) would, had d) '11, '11 have

23.1 said we______talk about this when I______back.

a) '11, come c) 'd talk, come

b) 'd talk, 'd come d) 'd talk, came

24. Didn't you tell him that he_______do that sooner or


a) would have to c) is able to

b) must d) will have to

25. I've heard how well he______French.

a)speak c)speaks

b) '11 speak d) speaking

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. She said that her friend's name______Mary.

a) is c) was

b) has been d) were

2.1 saw what he______.

a) means c) is meaning

b) meant d) has meant

3, She thought it______curious.

a) '11 be c) is

b) was d) has been

4. He said he______hungry.

a) was c) '11 be

b) is d) has been

5.1 heard she______good English.

a)speaks c)speak

b) is speaking d) spoke

6. John confessed he .________like football.

a) doesn't c) will not

b) didn't d) do not

7. He asked me how many lessons I______last week.

a) had c) had had

b) was having d) have

8. He wondered what Dick______at that moment.

a) did c) is doing

b) does d) was doing

9. He told me Jack ______back in a few minutes.

a) would be c) is

b) was d) will be

10. He promised he______there in half an hour.

a) is c) will be

b) would be d) was

11. She complained that no one______ever______to her.

a) —, speaks c) had spoken

b) — ,spoke d) has spoken

12. The manager explained that the exhibition______last


a) finished c) is finished

b) finishes d) had finished

13. He explained he______there two years before.

a) had moved c) moves

b) moved d) was moving

14. The boy exclaimed that their team______the match at


a) had won с) won

b) win d) has won

15. He remarked he______already______the film.

a) —, saw c) had seen

b) —, sees d) has seen

16.1 had no doubt that you______succeed.

a) will c) can

b) would d) may

17. He admitted he always______bad mistakes.

a) make c) made

b) makes d) had made

18. 1 wondered why she______without saying a word.

a) had left c) leaves

b) is leaving d) has left

19. He said he would telephone you when he______.

a) '11 return c) returned

b) would return d) returns

20. She said she usually______at five in the morning.

a) rises c) rose

b) rise d) was rising

21.1 wonder why he______late.

a) was c) had been

b) is d) would be

22. He asked me if I______English difficult to learn.

a) find c) has found

b) have found d) found

23. He asked me if I______for a long time.

a) waited c) have been waiting

b) was waiting d) had been waiting

24. He asked me if I______to take an exam in English.

a) was going c) have

b) am going d) must

25. He asked me when my mother usually______back.

a) come c) came

b) comes d) was coming

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Tom said that he______at five o'clock.

a) had been working c) worked

b) has been working d) was worked

2. Kate says that European hotel managers______a very

difficult job now.

a) have had c) have

b) has d) will have

3. When they came and found what______by soldiers of

Pharaoh they became angry.

. a) have been done c) had been done

b) has been done d) were done

4. It was announced that the treaty______.

a) would have been ratified c) is ratified

b) had been ratified d) was ratified

5. Nick wondered how much further______.

a) they should ride c) shall they ride

b) should they ride d) they shall ride

6. She asked______back with further news.

a) to phone c) phoning

b) being phoned d) to be phoned

7. The driver was requested______so fast.

a) do not drive c) not driving

b) has not driven d) not to drive

8. Steve said that he______for me since five o'clock.

a) had wait c) has been waiting

b) had been waiting d) was waiting

9. At the meeting the people asked Stivenson______about

his contribution to the development of the company.

a) to speak c) has spoken

b) speaking d) speak

10. He said that he______to study English in 1998.

a) began c) has began

b) had begun d) was beginning

11. He asked me when they______us the magazine.

a)send c)sent

b) would send d) will send

12. Mary suggested______the meeting.

a) us to postpone c) us postponing

b) we should postponing d) we should postpone

13. Michael told his dad______him up early.

a) has woken c) to wake

b) wakes d) waking

14. James asked us where______the New Year.

a) were we going to celebrate

b) we was going to celebrate

c) we were going to celebrate

d) to celebrate we were going

15. The teacher told Sarah _____her exam.

a) not to miss c) not missing

b) do not miss d) did not miss

16. Mary and I decided that______the methods of con­ducting the experiment.

a) we can change c) we can have changed

b) we could change d) we could have changed

17. Nick said he was very hungry as he______since morn­ing.

a) did not eat c) has not eaten

b) had not eaten d) had not been eating

18. Stan asked the new friend how long he______English.

a) has been learning c) had learnt

b) was learning d) had been learning

19. My friend said that he______to Canada in spring.

a) would go c) went

b) will go d) would have gone

20. Steven said that he______to attend the seminar as he

was going to see his grandmother.

a) will not be able c) was not be able

b) would not be able d) will have not been able

21. Laurel said that she had been playing tennis for two hours only and she______yet.

a) was not tired c) is not tired

b) had not been tired d) has not been tired

22. Mary was sure she______to the conference.

a) will be invited c) would be invited

b) was invited d) would have been invited

23. The doctor said I______and could attend lectures.

a) had recovered c) recovered

b) has recovered d) was recovered

24. The mother asked her son ______ the dog out for a walk.

a) taking c) has taken

b) had taken d) to take

25. The policeman told me______my car near the office of

the company.

a) not parking c) did not park

b) do not park d) not to park

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______does the word "phenomenon" come from?

a) when c) where

b) why d) what

2.______kind of weather do you like?

a) what c) that

b) which d) where

3.______country does the Thames flow through?

a) what c) where

b) which d) that

4.______was the first man to invent a printing machine?

a) which c) that

b) what d) who

5.______does MSU stand for?

a) which c) who

b) what d) where

6.______did Madonna marry?

a) which c) that

b) who d) what

7.______did Bush become the American president?

a) what c) when

b) where d) whom

8.______country did the Vikings invade in the eighth cen­tury?

a) which c) that

b) whose d) what

9. Could you tell me _ time it is? a) which b) what

c) that d) when

10. I am always forgetting______I've put my glasses.

a) where c) how

b) when d) who

11. We haven't decided______we are going to do on holi­day.

a) who c) why

b) when d) what

12.1 can't remember______I congratulated you or not.

a) what c) whether

b) that d) why

13.1 have no idea______books are lying on the table.

a) whose c) whom

b) that d) when

14.1 am not sure______he is coming to the party or not.

a) that c) why

b) if d) when

15. Do you know______my friend is?

a) why c) who

b) when d) where

16.1 have no idea______roubles he spends a month.

a) what c) when

b) how much d) how many

17.1 haven't a clue______money he has spent on buying a


a) what c) that

b) how much d) how many

18. I'd like to know______he gets all his money from.

a) where c) how much

b) how , d) how many

19. Nobody knows exactly______old she is.

a) what c) how

b) how much d) when

20.1 wonder______helped him to escape from prison.

a) who c) that

b) whose d) whom

21. The headline doesn't say______participated in street


a) what c) who

b) which d) why

22.1 wonder______he is going to make a trip to.

a) when c) who

b) why d) where

23. I'd like to know______his car breaks down so often.

a) what c) how much

b) why d) when

24. Could you tell me______the best place to go shopping


a) where c) which

b) what d) why

25.1 wonder ___the weather in the Crimea is like now.

a) what c) which

b) that d) how good

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Canada is a huge country, second in size only to Russia, ______it?

a) isn't c) is

b) don't d) does

2. In big cities you'll find restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars to suit every pocket,______?

a) won't it c) doesn't it

b) won't you d) do you

3. If you go camping, you will be able to see a lot of wild ani­mals, ______?

a) won't you c) don't you

b) do you d) should they

4. The polar bear can be found in the North,______it?

a) is c) does

b) can't d) can

5. Everything that's happened in this shop has almost hap­pened by accident,______?

a) does it c) has it

b) don't they d) hasn't it

6. The flat they bought was very expensive,______?

a) is it c) wasn't it

b) isn't it d) was it

7. You don' like hamburgers,______?

a) do you c) aren't you

b) are you d) don't you

8. You are going to France next week,______?

a) are you c) aren't you

b) will you d) won't you

9. Last night we had a good time,______?

a) had we c) didn't we

b) hadn't we d) didn't you

10. It's not hot today,______?

a) isn't it c) wasn't

b) is it d) was it

11. You can't use a word processor, _____ ?

a) can I c) can't you

b) you can d) can you

12. You won't tell anyone about it,______?

a) won't you c) do you

b) will you d) don't you

13. We don't have to go yet,______?

a) do we c) haven't we

b) don't we d) have you

14.1 am so stupid,______?

a) am I c) aren't I

b) is I d) are I

15. You haven't met my mother,______?

a) haven't you c) are you

b) have you d) did you

16. They didn't like the play,______?

a) are they c) didn't they

b) don't they d) did they

17. You want to go out tonight,______?

a) do you c) will you

b) don't you d) aren't you

18. They had too much to drink,______?

a) hadn't they c) did they

b) had they d) didn't they

19. That blouse is lovely,______?

a) isn't it c) wasn't it

b) was it d) is it

20. You are not enjoying the party,______?

a) do you c) aren't you

b) are you d) were you

21. That was superb,______?

a) does it c) wasn't it

b) was it d) is it

22. Dick, you couldn't lend me five dollars,______?

a) could you c) could I

b) couldn't you d) couldn't I

23. You don't know where my keys are,______?

a) are you c) don't you

b) do you d) did you

24. Mary, you haven't got an English dictionary,______?

a) do you c) is it

b) haven't you d) have you

25. Excuse me, you couldn't do me a favour,______?

a) could you c) do you

b) could I d) don't you