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14. Work in pairs: respond to the following statements reproduced by your partner choosing one of the phrases on the right and adding a sentence or two to explain why you think so.

Career is an important part in everybody’s life.

All people are to decide at an early age what field interest them, and then pursue in with great satisfaction.

Only fools make permanent decision without knowledge.

One needn’t have definite qualifications for the job.

The employment offices place people according to their wishes.

An engineer should be well educated and he should have good knowledge of different sciences such as math, chemistry, etc.

In today’s “age of speciality”, it is very difficult to transfer from one industry to another.

Workers under 40 always have the best job opportunities.

That’s what I was thinking.

I can’t help thinking the same.

Dead right.

My own opinion is exactly the same.

Not really.

I’m not sure, in fact.

No way!

You can’t mean that!

Your guess is good as mine.

15. Henry Brown wants to change his work. Here is an ad he has found:

Computer system engineer.

Analyze company requirement and develop new systems. Analyze business data to process to electronic processing design systems to integrate company department to financial accounting, inventory sales etc. Location: New Haven, CT. Respond to: Mr. Juan Diaz, Ferry Street Food Corp., 325 Ferry Street, New Haven, CT 06513.

So he is sending his CV(Curriculum Vitae) and an applying letter. Put the addresses and date in the correct position on the page. Then put Henry’s letter in the correct order. What information is irrelevant in this letter? Why?

  1. 20thSeptember 2007

  1. 54 Royal Street



  1. 325 Ferry Street,

New Haven

CT 06513

16. Work in pairs. Make an appointment over the telephone with the personal manager. Let another student act as his secretary. Continue the dialogue between you (C) and the secretary (S) according to the logical scheme offered below. The given table will help you.

S: Good morning, “Horizont” enterprise.

C: Good morning. Can I talk with someone about the job?

S: Ask what caller is interested in.

C: Give information about the job you are interested in.

S: Ask information about qualification.

C: Reply.

S: Ask if the caller has any work experience.

C: Give information about your previous work.

S: Set up an appointment with the personal manager. Ask to bring the resume.

C: Repeat and confirm appointment information.

S: Close the conversation.

C: Close the conversation.

- May I help you?

Can I help … ?

Are you looking for … ?

- I’m calling about your ad in … for ….

I’m looking for a position as …

I’m interested in finding a job in … .

- What are your qualifications … ?

- I have … .

As a matter of fact, … .

- Do you have any work experience?

- Not in this field, but … .

Of course, … .

- Can you come on … at …?

Will … … suit you?

- Yes, … will be quite convenient.

Yes, … will be just fine.

Yes, … will do well.

- Ok, then I’ll see you on … .

You are welcome. … .

Fine, we’ll expect you then. … .

- Fine, I think I’ll …

It’s perfect. I’ll be … .

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