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Topic 6 our university

On September 1, 1964 Minsk Radioengineering Institute admitted students for the first time. The youngest Institute of the Republic was established on the basis of the oldest Polytechnic Institute of the Republic of Belarus. It was assigned to meet the demand of the Republic in highly qualified specialists for evolving national radioelectronic industry.

In 1993 Minsk Radioengineering Institute was granted the status of university and celebrated its 30th anniversary as the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Within this period BSUIR has trained thousands of engineers, doctors and candidates of science.

Over 11 thousand students from the country and outside study at its 9 faculties: the Faculty of Computer-Aided Design, the Faculty of Information Technologies and Control, the Faculty of Radioengineering and Electronics, the Faculty of Computer Systems and Networks, the Faculty of Telecommunication, the Faculty of Engineer Economics, the Faculty of Extramural, Evening and Distance Education, the Pre-University Preparation and Occupational Guidance Faculty, the Military Faculty.

Now BSUIR prepares engineering staff on 22 specialities in the field of computer facilities, computer science, radio engineering, microelectronics, telecommunications automated systems, artificial intelligence, medical electronics, and economy.

The educative process and scientific research are conducted by highly competent teaching staff that consists of professors, assistant professors, lecturers and teachers. They give lectures, hold seminars and have practicals with the students in various subjects: physics, higher mathematics, descriptive geometry, technical drawing, etc. Special attention is given to such subjects as computing technology, impulse techniques, analogue and digital computers, theoretical foundations of electroengineering. Nobody can deny vital importance of mastering foreign languages nowadays. English, French, German and Spanish are taught at the University. Students also have an opportunity to study a second foreign language and to advance in one of the foreign languages and to acquire the speciality of a translator.

The University has all necessary facilities for teaching including up-to-date computers and laboratory equipment, robots, closed-circuit TV. A large electronic library is at the students’ disposal.

To sum up, the University provides a good engineering education. The graduates of the University work at computer centres, design offices, industrial enterprises, research laboratories and institutes, joint ventures and banks.

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