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Vocabualary practice


  1. Match the words with explanations in columns.

  1. niece

a. child of an earlier marriage of one’s wife or husband

  1. nephew

b. mother of one’s wife / husband

  1. teenager

c. daughter of one’s brother / sister

  1. single

d. unmarried man

  1. stepchild

e. son of one’s brother / sister

  1. mother-in-law

f. woman who hasn’t married after her husband’s death

  1. bride

g. not married, engaged lady

  1. twins

h. child of one’s uncle / aunt

  1. favorite (pet)

i. boy / girl in his / her teens

  1. orphan

j. two children born together of the same mother

  1. aunt

k. child who has lost one / both parents by death

  1. cousin

l. sister of one’s father / mother

  1. widow

m. person treated as a favorite

  1. Odd man out. In every line choose one word that doesn’t fit the given category.

  1. father, mother, sister, brother, cousin;

  2. mother-in-law, father-in-law, stepfather, sister-in-law, son-in-law;

  3. engagement, wedding, marriage, honeymoon, happy couple, divorce;

  4. first-born, baby, adult, toddler, child;

  5. nickname, name, middle name, surname.

3. Match the story with the correct words.

Bride, civil, engaged, reception, bridegroom, honeymoon, consent, propose, wedding, toast.

One evening, though being nervous, Joe decided to _____ to his girlfriend Linda. She accepted his proposal, they became _____ and he gave her a ring. After a year they have saved enough money to get married (they were both over 18 and didn’t need their parents’ _____ ). Some people have a religious ceremony with a priest, but Joe and Linda decided on a ______ ceremony in a registry office. On the day of ______ Linda, the ______ was very calm, but Joe, the ______ , was nervous. Afterwards, at the ______ , speeches were made and guests drank a ______ to the happy couple, who finally left for a ______ in Spain.

4. Translate into English.

1. Мій батько на три роки старший за мою матір. 2. Вона заміжня? – Ні, вона овдовіла, бо втратила чоловіка на війні. 3. Ми з двоюрідним братом тезки та схожі, як дві краплини води. 4. Вона стара, як світ, але має добрий вигляд на свій вік. 5. Завжди приємно зустріти співвітчизника за кордоном. 6. Він успадкував від прадідуся талант гри на скрипці. 7. Вона одразу погодилася вийти за нього, оскільки обручка була з діамантом. 8. У весільну подорож вони поїхали на Гавайї на власній яхті. 9. Мої друзі всиновили дитину за кордоном. 10. Я інколи сварюся зі своїм літнім сусідом, бо ми з різних поколінь.


1. Read the following dialogues.

  • So my daughter has consented to become your wife. Have you fixed the day of the wedding?

  • I’ll leave that to my fiancée.

  • Will you have a church or private wedding?

  • Her mother will decide that, sir.

  • What will you live on?

  • I’ll leave that entirely to you, sir.


Bush and Clinton are remote relatives

  • Did you happen to know that George Bush and Bill Clinton are distant cousins?

  • Well, I’ve never heard of it! Where on earth did you find that out?

  • I’ve just read it in “The Japan Times”, in the October 23, 2010 issue.

  • What information agency does the paper refer to?

  • Reutor-Kyoto from London.

  • Oh, that’s a reliable source. What does the article say?

  • Both presidents share royal ancestors traced back to the 13th century in England.

  • Any relationship to Queen Elisabeth of Britain?

  • Exactly. Bush is her 13th cousin. It’s a matter of common knowledge now.

  • How very interesting! And who is the common ancestor Bush and Clinton descend from?

  • Both descend from King John of England, Bush through John’s son Henry III and Clinton through his daughter Eleanor.

  • Fancy that! Both have connections to ancient noble families and even to the royal ones!

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