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Questions to the topics Economic Systems

1. What do all societies have in common?

2. What does the survival of any society depend on?

3. What do all societies face with in the process of providing people’s wants and needs?

4. What fundamental economic questions must every society answer?

5. What determines the type of economic system?

6. What is the main advantage of a traditional economy?

7. What are disadvantages of a traditional economy?

8. What is a command economy?

9. What is the main advantage of a command economy?

10. How are the basic economic questions answered in a market economy?

11. What advantages does the market economy have?

Federal Reserve System

1. What is the Federal Reserve System?

2. What is the main, principal function of the system?

3. Who appoints the Federal Reserve Board of Governors?

4. What are the main tools for maintaining control over the total supply of money and credit in the economy?

6. What is the reserve requirement?

7. Why is tight money considered a particularly powerful tool for fighting inflation?

Forms of Business Organizations

1. What are the forms of business organizations?

2. What is the main purpose of business organizations?

3. What is a sole proprietorship?

4. What is the greatest disadvantage of a sole proprietorship?

5. What is a partnership?

6. Who is responsible for all business debts in a partnership?

7. What form of business organization is created under a government charter?

8. Who can be an owner of a corporation?

9. By whom is a corporation managed?

Tasks and Functions of the National Bank

1. What position does The National Bank occupy?

2. By whom is the Head of the National Bank appointed?

3. Is the National Bank accountable to the Parliament or to the President?

4. What does the National Bank draft and send to the Parliament in cooperation with the government?

5. By what means does the National Bank regulate inflation?

6. With what international organizations does the National Bank cooperate?

7. What are the main functions of the National Bank?

8. What financial institutions provide crediting to economic entities?


1. What is the main purpose of taxes?

2. What may taxes be imposed on?

3. Who pays taxes?

4. What are the principles of taxation?

5. What does the benefit-received principle state?

6. What does the ability-to-pay principle mean?

7. How can most taxes be classified?

8. What is a progressive tax?

9. What is the peculiar feature of a regressive tax?

10. What is a proportional tax?

11. What are the examples of progressive and regressive taxes?

The World Bank

1. When was the World Bank founded?

2. What institutions does it consist of?

3. How many offices does it have?

4. What kind of institution is the World Bank?

5. What is the central purpose of the World Bank?

6. In what ways does the World Bank obtain the funds?

Ecological Problems

1. What negative factors does man’s interference in nature lead to?

2. Ecological imbalance has become a global problem, drawing attention of practically all countries, hasn’t it?

3. Why does the problem of ecological imbalance go beyond scientific technological and economic abilities of even the best developed countries, if taken separately?

4. What can you say about the problem of large-scale environmental protection in Europe?

5. What suggestions are put forward more often? Why?

6. What does a system of global ecological security presuppose?

7. What does a system of global ecological security include?

8. What would global monitoring of the environment make it possible to do?

9. What other world service should there be on the same level?

10. The creation of a system international ecological security cannot be delayed, can it? Why not?