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Card 1. Future career A

1 Future career seems to me in such way. After I graduate from institute I will aim to go to well - know petroleum and gas companies as a worker. Then in 5 years I will get experience. And maybe then I will look for a job corresponding to my profession. Well and then I will work and work while I will not attain an experience in the profession, dreams-dreams...

2 Presently I can only work as worker, salesman consultant, guard in a supermarket, taxi driver and that is all probably. But friends and colleagues say that I can be actor in different films and different theatrical performances. Some say I have job on radio, dreams-dreams...

3 Does my future work Depend on my education? You know I consider that yes, in fact an institute gives to me knowledge about my future profession. For me it is very valuable knowledge. In fact they make me real specialist, in it my plus in canpanzan with simple workers and office workers.

4 I think knowledge of any language is useful in any profession. What about my profession? An engineer in oil and gas industry needs knowledge of English. I consider that any person must know 2 languages and to own one to perfection.

You girlfriend’s appearance B

1 My girl is wonderful. She is very beautiful. Her name is Christina. She has good appearance, but a bad character. We studied in one class. She is kind, we never have conflicts, but after a serious quarrel, I parted from her and we stayed friends.

2 My girl does look like her mother. But she has another character.

3 In the future she want to became a sportswomen. She is great played volleyball. But she got in bad company.

4 My girl looks like an actress Ashley Judd. But she is younger, her hear is lighter, she is not so toll, her eyes a brown.

Card 2. Healthy lifestyle A

1 I think that the main is a healthy food, sports activities, and not to have bad habits. For example: not to smoke, not to drink alcohol. This whole is the main general

2 Characteristic features of good health is good physical form. A person who has good health is immediately can to distinguish him by appearance. For example people who are not involved in sports it is easy to distinguish from a person who do sports.

3 As I said a healthy lifestyle and physical activity is connected. They cannot exist without each other. If you will not only lead active physical activity not to follow a healthy lifestyle, you will not achieve the desired results.

4 Since I myself am a healthy lifestyle and exercise and don't have bad habits, health problems do not feel. The truth stomach pain hurts me since childhood.

The Internet and social nets B

1 I think that in our time, the Internet has turned into entertainment. But for example I use it often for work. In the Internet a lot of information, not all of it is useful. For example you want to learn how to build a bridge or any building. You type in the search for how to build the bridge. You can watch the video. You can read. You can see the pictures.

2 I can. But some of my friends don't know how to use the Internet. Therefore, they sometimes ask me to help them. I enjoy to help them.

3 No. I spend online only 2-3 hours a day, this is the maximum. Sometimes it as 5 minutes.

4 No. I don't like social networks. I'll call each other and talk with him on phone. my friends asked me to create a page in v vkontakte. But I always said that I have no time.

Card 3. A good event in the life A

1 Funny event. It was in the days of my childhood. My friends and I decided to spend time in an abandoned building.

2 We heavily started to make noise in the building. The building was near houses. And some people hear us. He began to scream. We were frightened and fell silent. Then he shouted that calls the police. We didn't believe it. But left after a few minutes. But we still wanted by police.

3 Only positive . My friends still remember it with a laugh.

4 If he said he will call the police, you have to believe it, and flee away.

Your home B

1 I'm from achinsk. It is west of the city of Krasnoyarsk for 180 kilometers. I advise to go there. There are wonderful nature summer and winter.

2 My family, went to achinsk from blagoveschensk when I was 2 years. I like it very much, My family live around center city.

3 my house is on the fourth floor of a five-story building. Foundation is cement. When I was a kid in house more than ten times redecorated  and permutation.

4 Basically the new furniture in the house and new Electrotechnology.

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