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10. Fill in the correct word from the list below. Some words may be used more than once.

meet, introduce, polite, rude, behaviour, experienced, inexperienced, greeting, response

  1. “Good morning,” I said, but she didn’t return the ___.

  2. Let me ___ Mr Henry Shaw, our Marketing Manager.

  3. Mum, Dad, I want you to ___ my friend Sheila.

  4. He gave no ___ to my question.

  5. Don’t be so ___ to your father.

  6. It is not considered ___ to ask a lady how old she is.

  7. I was young and relatively ___ in dealing with members of the opposite sex.

  8. Paul liked to turn to more ___ people for advice.

  9. His ___ towards me shows that he does not like me.

  10. She’s always extremely ___ to me, but I never know what she is really thinking.

  11. What a ___ man! He just ignored me when I said “Good morning.”

  12. ___ managers often have problems with their staff.

11. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box.

at, in, on, for, from, of, about, to

  1. He graduated ___ Manchester University in 1994.

  2. ___ the age of 80 he still leads a very busy and interesting life.

  3. When are you moving ___ your new house?

  4. In her early years her family moved ___ one town ___ another.

  5. Jim is very good ___ mathematics but his interests include the theatre, American literature and cricket.

  6. We’re not particularly interested ___ sport.

  7. She seems very keen ___ learning to drive.

  8. We’re proud ___ our country and we don’t like people insulting it.

  9. ___ arrival in London report to the Ministry of Education.

  10. When he was at school he didn’t show much interest ___ girls.

  11. When you have a problem, who do you turn to ___ advice?

  12. Parents who are worried ___ their child’s education often find it hard to follow teacher’s advice.

  13. What makes San Francisco so interesting is its architecture, which is completely different ___ that of other American cities.

  14. Spartans were famous ___ being brave, but not for being clever.

  15. His attitude ___ his new job seemed to be very negative.

  16. I’ve lost all interest ___ my job and I feel constantly tired.

12. Match the sentence beginnings (a-g) with their endings (1-7).

  1. Mr Grimshaw got up from behind his desk ...

  2. I called Steve’s name but ...

  3. I admire her – ...

  4. Andrew learned to speak Japanese in six months –...

  5. She chose that house ...

  6. Meeting Professor Kearney was an event ...

  7. The way a man behaves towards his mother ...

  8. Our doctor is very experienced in these matters; ...

1 she’s very good at her job.

2 which changed my life.

3 to greet me and offer me a chair.

4 there was no response.

5 now that’s something to be proud of.

6 you should follow his advice.

7 because she liked the garden.

8 can be a good indicator of how he will behave towards his wife.


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