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34. Think about your morning routine from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you leave the house.

  • What do you do? What order do you do things in?

  • How long does each activity usually take you?

Now compare with a partner. What are the differences?

35. Read through these two morning routines. Underline the correct alternatives. Which person is most like you?

Person A

My alarm goes off early, and it takes me ten minutes to eat my breakfast, drink two cups of coffee, have a shower, pack my bag and read the post and thirty minutes to (1) get dressed / wear. I start thinking about what I’m going to (2) get dressed / wear while I have my breakfast. After a shower, I (3) put on / wear my underwear and then I look in my wardrobe and choose a pair of trousers. If they still (4) fit / look me, I put them on. If they feel a bit tight around the waist, I (5) try them on / take them off and spend a few minutes feeling guilty about all those chocolates I had last night. Then, I choose a looser pair of trousers and think about a top that (6) goes with / fits it. I usually (7) have on / try on two or three tops before I find one that (8) looks / wears right and (9) feels / fits comfortable. Finding a pair of socks usually takes about five minutes – I can find two dozen odd pairs, but none that (10) look / match. By now, I’m late.

Person В

I get up as late as I possibly can and jump in and out of the shower. I (1) put on / fit the trousers I (2) had on / got dressed yesterday and take a shirt out of the wardrobe – it doesn’t matter which one as long as it’s ironed. I find the jacket that (3) fits / goes with the trousers, look down and check that my socks (4) match / feel, and that’s it. Nearly all my clothes are either green or brown, because I’ve been told that they are the only colours that (5) suit / match me. So I never really have to worry about what I (6) look like / go with. The important thing is to make sure I have enough time to enjoy my favourite drink of the day: that first cup of coffee...

36. Work with a partner. Take it in turns to describe your daily routines.

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