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3. Translate the derivatives; say to what part of speech they belong.

  1. depend (v) – зависеть → dependence, independence, dependent, independent

  2. tire (v) – утомлять(ся) → tiring, tired, tiredness

  3. busy (a) – деятельный; занятой → busily, busyness

  4. idle (a) – ленивый; незанятый → idly, idleness

  5. patient (a) – терпеливый → patiently, impatient, impatiently

  6. sleep (v) – спать → oversleep, sleeper

4. Choose the corresponding English word.

1 важность, значимость

a) important

b) importance

c) importantly

2 успешно

a) success

b) successful

c) successfully

3 решение

a) decide

b) decisive

c) decision

4 мысль

a) think

b) thought

c) thoughtful

5 сила

a) strong

b) strength

c) strengthen

6 замешательство

a) confused

b) confusion

c) confusedly

Confusing Words

'-ed' and '-ing' Adjectives: Describing Feelings and Things

Adjectives that end in -ing are used to describe things and situations:

“The lecture was boring.”

Adjectives that end in -ed are used to describe our feelings:

“I felt very bored.”

5. Complete the sentences below using the correct adjective.

  1. I think that rainy days in autumn are ___. (depressing/depressed)

  2. They arrived back from their long walk, ___ but happy. (tiring/tired)

  3. I was very ___ to hear you’re well again. (pleasing/pleased)

  4. At times, English can be a ___ language to learn. (confusing/confused)

  5. Many young people are ___ about what career to choose – there are so many possibilities. (confusing/confused)

  6. I really like Spielberg’s films – they’re always so ___. (exciting/excited)

  7. You must be feeling really ___ about getting married. (exciting/excited)

  8. I’m not going to watch it. It sounds really ___. (boring/bored)

  9. She’s ___ of doing the same thing every day. (boring/bored)

  10. I was ___ to hear that Simon got married. (amazing/amazed)

  11. Dogs often feel ___ during fireworks. (frightening/frightened)

  12. The metro can be ___ the first time you use it. (confusing/confused)

  13. I felt very ___ because I didn’t know whether he wanted to see me or not. (confusing/ confused)

  14. I was ___ to hear about the earthquake. (shocked/shocking)

  15. I’ve never seen him looking so ___. (tiring/tired)

  16. If you’re ___ I can let you have the title of the book. (interesting/interested)

6. Match the words of similar meaning.

1 worried

A go away

2 drop in

B idleness

3 leave

C energetic

4 laziness

D duty

5 dull

E visit (informally)

6 obligation

F boring

7 tireless

G nervous

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