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Формы глагола в Future Progressive.




I (you, he, she, it, we, they) will be Ving.

Will (I, you, he, she. It, we, they) be Ving?

I (you, he, she, it, we, they) will not be Ving.

Will not = won’t

He will be speaking. Он будет говорить.

Will he be speaking? Будет ли он говорить?

He will not be speaking. Он не будет говорить.


  1. Задайте вопрос к предложению и ответьте на него отрицательно.

  1. 1) I am doing my homework. 2) We are sitting on the bench. 3) You are going home. 4) Vera is putting on her dress. 5) The bus is turning to the left. 6) It is raining now. 7) Our family is having dinner. 8) The boy is reading a magazine.

  2. 1) We were walking home when the rain began. 2) She was looking for her bag at that time. 3) They were still talking when the bell rang. 4) She was still working when the clock showed 9 p.m.

  3. 1) It will be raining in a minute. 2) We will be having breakfast in half an hour. 3) The teacher will be telling us a new story. 4) The children will be playing in the yard after school. 5) She will be reading an English book in the evening.

  1. Выберите из скобок нужную форму. Объясните сделанный выбор (Present Simple/ Present Progressive).

1) It is 5 o’clock. The family (has / is having) tea. 2) Every day the family (has / is having) tea at five o’clock. 3) In the morning mother (cooks / is cooking) breakfast for us. 4) It is 8 o’clock. Mother (is cooking / cooks) breakfast. 5) We often (watch / are watching) TV. 6) Now we (sit / are sitting) in armchairs and (watch / are watching) TV. 7) It often (rains / is raining) in September. 8) It (rains / is raining) now.

3.Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужном времени и в нужной форме.

1) He often (go) to the cinema. 2) They (watch) TV at the moment. 3) John is outside. He (wash) the car. 4) Nina usually (drive) to work. 5) Father (lie) on the sofa now. 6) Natasha (not / like) pizza. 7) My friend (live) in Great Britain. 8) In summer we usually (go) to the seaside. 9) Look at Tom. He (ride) a horse. 10) She (help) me with the report now. 11) The men (sit) at their desk now. 12) Mr. Adams (dictate) letters right now.

  1. Поставьте глаголы, стоящие в скобках в Present Progressive.

  1. Please, turn down the tape recorder. John (sleep).

  2. Why (you / look) at him like that?

  3. It (get) dark.

  4. At our home reading classes we (read) a very interesting book.

  5. Let’s go out. It (not / rain) any more.

  6. Listen! Do you hear those people next door? They (sing) a new song.

  7. Tom (learn) English at the moment.

  1. Найдите предложения, в которых сказуемое выражено глаголом в Past Progressive.

1) He is going to visit his uncle tomorrow. 2) We were very tired last night. 3) She is having a party this evening. 4) Mrs. Frost was cleaning the room when Mr. Frost came. 5) They were going to meet Paul at the station. 6) Chris is not happy today. 7) She was eating when Tony arrived. 8) Pete was watching TV when his mother was cooking dinner. 9) The children were playing in the yard all day long.

  1. Выберите из скобок нужную форму глагола (Past Simple / Past Progressive).

1) I (met / was meeting) a friend while I (did / was doing) the shopping.2) I (paid / was paying) for my things when I (heard / was hearing) someone call my name.3) Paula (wore / was wearing) bright red coat. 4) We (decided / were deciding) to have a cup of tea. 5) While we (had / were having) a drink, a waiter (dropped / was dropping) pile of plates. 6) We all (got / were getting) a terrible shock. 7) While the waiter (picked / was picking) up the broken plates, he (cut / was cutting) his finger. 8) We (left / were leaving) the cafe and (said / were saying) goodbye. 9) I (finished / was finishing) my shopping and (went / was going home).

  1. Задайте по 5 вопросов к данным предложениям (общий, вопрос к подлежащему, специальный, альтернативный и разделительный).

  1. Mary is writing a letter to her mother now.

  2. We are translating the text now.

  3. The girl was walking near the house when she found a puppy.

  4. Nick was swimming when he saw a boat.

  5. Mike will be taking his exam at 12 o’clock tomorrow.

  6. They will be sleeping at this time tomorrow.

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