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Exercise 1 .Tenses

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1 Emma_______ (spend) every school holiday in Scotland.

2 Why are you under the table?_____you _____ (look) for something?

3 In my country we_________ (not have) lessons on Saturday.

4 My wife_________(not like) football, but I _____(love) it.

5 I______ (buy) a new pair of shoes yesterday. _____you____ (like) them?

6 My grandfather____ (live) in Belgium when the Second World War_______ (start).

7 Yasmina_______ (live) in the United States. She_______ (meet) her husband while she _______ (work) for a publisher on Madison Avenue.


Exercise 2. Questions

Make questions about the missing information.


She earns____a year. How much does she earn a year?

  1. Peter has_____children. (Two? Three?)


  1. I'm reading______at the moment.


  1. They went to_____on holiday last year.


  1. She works in the_____shop. (Shoe shop? Book shop?)


  1. I got up early this morning because______.


  1. The supermarket closes at______.


  1. I go swimming_______. (Once a week? Once a month?)


  1. I borrowed______car. (Tom's? Ann's?)



Exercise 3. Articles

Complete the sentences with a, an, the, or nothing.

  1. China has___biggest population in___world.

  2. ___Yangtze River flows into___East China Sea.

  3. Do you like___Chinese food?

  4. We had some for___lunch___few days ago.

  5. I come to___school by bus, but I get ___lift home with___friend.


Exercise 4. Prepositions

Complete the sentences with the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary, write nothing.

  1. I listened___the news___the radio.

  2. I'll see you___9.00___the morning.

  3. I'm looking___my neighbour's car while she's on holiday.

  4. What are you doing___this evening?

  5. She arrived___England two years ago.

  6. I'm going___home.

  7. I spoke___Mary a few days ago.

  8. My sister's coming to stay___19 December


Exercise 5. Tenses

Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets: the Present Simple, the Past Simple, or the Present Perfect.


I got (get) up at 7.00 this morning.

Carla Brown has a job in advertising. It's a good job, and she (1)_________(earn) over £30,000 a year. She (2)___________(study) marketing at college, and then (3)___________(find) a job with a small advertising agency in Manchester. Since then she (4)_____________(change) her job several times. Now she (5)____________(work) for Jerome and Jerome, which is a big company with offices all over the world. She(6)__________(be) with the company for three years. The company has clients in America, and she (7)__________(be) there several times on business. Last year she (8)____________(spend) six months there.


Exercise 6. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find it and correct it.

  1. How many money have you got?

  2. I only have a little potatoes.

  3. I don't have many time, so I can't help you. Sorry.

  4. In New York there are a lot shops.

  5. Close your eyes. I've got anything for you.

  6. John lives anywhere near Bournemouth.

  7. Anybody told me you're getting married. Is it true?


Exercise 7. Present Perfect or Past Simple?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets: the Present Perfect or Past Simple.

  1. Stephen King__________(write) a lot of books. He__________(write) his first in the XIX century under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman.

  2. __________you ever__________(try) Chinese food?

  3. I__________never__________(be) to Egypt.

  4. When__________you__________(go) there?

  5. I__________(live) in London for eight years, and I don't want to move.

  6. He__________(live) in Oxford for two years, and then in 1994 he__________(move) to London.

  7. We__________(meet) Tim and Maureen three years ago. How long__________you__________(know) them?


Exercise 8. Have to and should

The following sentences are all about visiting America. Complete them with have to, don't have to, or should.

When you go to America,

  1. you__________book a hotel room before you go, because there are usually a lot of vacancies.

  2. you__________get a work permit if you want to work there.

  3. you__________visit San Francisco, because many people think it is the most beautiful city in America.

  4. you__________change your money before you go, because there are a lot of 24-hour banks.

  5. you__________hire a car, because it's the easiest way to travel, and petrol is cheap.


Exercise 9. Opposites

Match each adjective with its opposite from the box.

Example cheap - expensive

generous well-behaved pleased tidy quiet beautiful interesting modern poor miserable

1 ugly_________

6 wealthy______

2 annoyed________

7 happy_______

3 noisy________

8 naughty_______

4 mean_______

9 boring________

5 old._______

10 messy_______


Exercise 10. Reported statements

Put the following sentences into reported speech.


'They live in Oxford,' she said.

She said (that) they lived in Oxford.

  1. 'I love you very much,' she said.

She told him____________________________

  1. 'I visit her every Sunday,' he said.

He said that_____________________________

  1. 'I took her some flowers for her birthday,' he said.

He said that_____________________________

  1. 'I'm leaving you forever,' he said.

He told her_____________________________

  1. 'I've forgotten,' she said.

She said that_____________________________


Exercise 11. Passives

Put the words in the correct order.

  1. world / is / English / the / all / spoken / over


  1. since/has/nylon/1932/made/been


  1. Mary's / invited 1I1 to / wasn't / party / why?


  1. will / when / be / new / the / bridge / built?


  1. asked / car / design / were / they / to / new / a



Exercise 12. Time and conditional clauses

Complete the sentences with will + the correct form of the verb in brackets, or the Present Simple.

  1. If you__________ (eat) another cake, you __________ (be) sick.

  2. You__________ (fail) your exam if you __________ (not study) hard.

  3. What__________you__________ (do) if you __________(fail)?

  4. Our children and grandchildren__________ (suffer) if we__________ (not look after) ourplanet.

  5. I__________ (do) my homework as soon as this programme ____________

  1. (finish).

  1. When she__________ (read) my letter, she__________ (understand) my problem.

  2. Where__________he__________(stay) when he__________(go) to New York?

  3. We__________ (stay) in the classroom until the teacher__________ (tell) us to leave.


Exercise 13. Verb patterns and infinitives

Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verb in brackets: the infinitive or the –ing form.

  1. I enjoy___________ (swim) in the sea very much.

  2. John managed_____________ (tidy) his room before his mother came home.

  3. There were no taxis so he decided____________ (walk) home.

  4. I'd like_____________ (go) to India.

  5. It's very difficult_____________ (learn) how to ski.

  6. She suggested____________ (see) a doctor.

  7. I hope ____________ (go) to America in July.




CV, Covering letter and Interview

Translate these expressions into Russian. You may use some of them when speaking on the topic CV, Covering letter and Interview.





n a person who applies for a job

application form

n a printed form sent out by an organization, on which a formal request is made


v to choose somebody for a job or responsibility


n 1 an advantage that you get from your company in addition to the money that you earn

2 a particular way in which a product can help you


adj a blue-collar worker does manual work, usually in a factory, which requires physical effort


n a person who buys and sells shares for other people


n U an amount of money that is paid to somebody for selling goods and which increases with the amount of goods that are sold


n rivalry between businesses that are operating in the same market

covering letter

n a letter that you send with a document, for example a CV or a fax, explaining why you are sending the document and giving any other information that is necessary


n (British English) curriculum vitae: a document written by job applicants giving their personal, educational, and professional details (American English = resume)


n the date by which something has to be completed


n a person who specialises in trading a particular type of goods


n if you have debts, or if you are in debt, you owe money to someone

employment history

n a list of all the jobs you have had, from the earliest to the most recent


adj included in a letter or package


n a person who has an important job as a manager of a company or an organization


adj working, usually at home, for different organizations

higher education

n U education and training at college and university, especially to degree level


n the money that a person, a company, etc. earns from work or from business

marital status

n U (used on forms) the fact of whether you are

married, single, etc.


n pl what you are aiming to achieve


1 n money earned by an employee as a salary or wage

2 v to give money to someone in exchange for items or services

personal details

n pl information about yourself


v to make people aware of a product or service and want to buy it through advertising, public relations, or other means


n a move to a more important job in a company or an organization


adj if somebody is redundant, they are no longer employed because there is not enough work for them to do


n a letter written by somebody who knows you, giving information about your character and abilities, to a new employer


v to stop doing your job because you have reached a particular age


n a competitor in the same market


n an amount of money paid every month to an employee in exchange for their services

shift work

n U a system where work is divided into periods, each worked by a group of workers who start work as another group finishes

subsidiary company

n a company of which at least half the share capital is owned by another company, called a parent or holding company


n any person or organisation that is liable to pay tax


n a job that is available for somebody to do


adj a white-collar worker works in an office rather than in a factory

Read the text and translate it in the written form.


The hotel you’ve dreamed of…

Cyprus has long enjoyed a world wide reputation for the high standard offered in hotels. A number belong to large international groups, but many are still family-owned. All offer guests warm Cypriot hospitality. There is a wide range to choose from, some are small and traditionally styled, decorated with local stone and furnishings, whilst others are new and very modern, built to European style with Cypriot flair and attention to detail. All have the unique ability to combine a relaxed friendly atmosphere with business efficiency. Whenever you have time away from the conference table you will want to relax in the sunshine and enjoy a good swim. All hotels have beautiful pools, and if you fancy a dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, there are a number of excellent beaches in each of the coastal resorts. Twenty-nine beaches in Cyprus have been awarded the prestigious European Blue Flag award for their high standard of cleanliness and safety. Although the amenities provided by hotels vary, the high standard of rooms offered to guests does not. Rooms are spacious, well-designed with comfortable furnishings and air-conditioning for added comfort during the summer months, and reception staff will quietly and efficiently meet all your business requirements, leaving you time to enjoy the hotel's leisure amenities. Cyprus is well known for its delicious cuisine which is an interesting combination of European and Middle Eastern dishes and local specialities. Hotel food and beverage managers will happily design and со- ordinate special menus for your company's private functions and business dinners to be enjoyed in the luxury of the hotel's function rooms, and can advise on the wide variety of excellent local wines available.

Excellent facilities. As a conference and business destination, Cyprus has much to offer all types of organisations and every year hosts over 600 business events, welcoming companies and organisations from all over the world but mainly Europe and the Middle East. Cyprus is the ideal place to meet, talk and exchange ideas in the relaxed and comfortable surroundings of the island's excellent conference facilities. The International Conference Centre in Lefkosia is the island's flagship for conferences. It was purpose-built twelve years ago using the latest in design and technology and offers comfortable seating for up to 1,200 delegates. If you are planning something on a smaller scale, there are a wide range of excellent venues that are perfect for seminars, lectures, exhibitions and fashions shows. Staff at your DMC will offer information and advise on choosing the one best suited to your company's requirements.

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