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Practical help and warm Cypriot

The warmth and friendliness of the Cypriot people is renowned the world over, and adds a very special and personal touch to everyone's visit to the island. The Cypriots are naturally hospitable and love to meet people from other countries. It is not unusual for a stranger in one of the villages to be greeted with the word Kopiaste-come and join us. Throughout the planning stages you will be delighted with the friendliness and high level of personal service you will be given by staff at all levels. Communication is easy as many local people speak English, German, French and other European languages. The Cypriots are extremely courteous and will always begin a conversation with the greeting Kalimera - Good Morning, followed by a friendly inquiry to ensure that you are well and that everything is going to plan. Nothing is ever too much bother and everyone will work quietly and efficiently behind the scenes to ensure that your company's trip to Cyprus is a memorable and successful one. As they bid you a fond farewell, it will be quickly followed with a warm invitation to return soon...

Let us do all the hard work...Trying to organize a conference or incentive can be a daunting prospect when there are not enough hours in the day, and the appointment diary is full for months ahead! Specialised staff from the Destination Management Companies and the Cyprus Tourism Organisation can help with advice about destinations, hotels and amenities. They can prepare a successful bid document and can propose exciting conference and social programmes. With their skill and in-depth knowledge they will be able to suggest unusual venues for meetings, and innovative theme ideas for social events. A wide range of literature is available in a number of languages, and video and slide presentations will assure you that you have made the right decision. From the moment you make your first telephone call, to the moment you are back behind your desk, you can rest assured that help is at hand to make all aspects of your company's conference go smoothly - just the way you planned it...

A year of colourful pageantry - perfect for incentives

The island's colourful festivals and celebrations can be successfully used as the social highlight for both conferences and incentives. Many of the festivals are closely interwoven with the passing seasons and are rich in both history and tradition. Cypriots love to celebrate, and warmly invite visitors to join in all the fun. The year begins in the spring with Carnival, when everyone dresses up and joins in colourful processions through the streets and the parties continue for ten days! Easter is the largest religious festival in the Orthodox calendar. During Holy Week the priest can be heard calling everyone to church. On the Saturday night everybody gathers in church for the special service that reaches a crescendo at midnight as the priest proclaims Christos Anesti - Christ is raised. Fireworks fill the sky and signal the beginning of three days of celebrations. In May, the Cyprus International Fair in Lefkosia is held. It is one of the largest fairs in the eastern Mediterranean, which reflects the growing economic and trade activity of the island, and attracts 1,000 exhibitors.

Fifty days after Easter is Kataklysmos, a festival unique to Cyprus that commemorates 'the great flood'. Celebrations take place in all seaside areas and there is music and dancing until late into the night. Throughout the year, the churches in Cyprus celebrate their own Saint's Days when the streets are lined with tables overflowing with delicious food and local wine and there are games for everyone to enjoy. These festivals lend themselves to great incentive fun giving the chance to everyone to enjoy the traditional way of life. In June rally enthusiasts from all over the World arrive to watch the thrills and spills of the famous Cyprus World Rally Championship event.

During the summer there are special cultural events including a Shakespearean production at Ancient Kourion and the Aphrodite Festival in Pafos. Major art and music festivals are held in all towns. These major cultural events can be the social highlight for conferences and the perfect theme for incentives. The end of a successful grape harvest is always a good cause for celebration. The Lemesos Wine Festival is held for ten days every September and is a major event; giving visitors the marvellous opportunity to sample the island's best wines and enjoy the local folk dancing and music.

Christmas is an increasingly popular time for visitors who revel in the island's mild winter climate and good sport. On the 6th January, Epiphany is celebrated with a special service held in all coastal areas. The bishop casts a silver cross into the water and the young boy who successfully retrieves it is assured of good luck for the rest of the year....

Exercise1. Write 5-7 main sentences which give you an idea of every passage.

Exercise 2. Answer the questions:

  1. What kind of hotels are there in Cyprus?

  2. What facilities are offered in Cypriot hotels?

  3. How many beaches have been awarded with the European Blue Flag award?

  4. What is known about Cypriot cuisine?

  5. What events does Cyprus host?

  6. When and where was the International Conference Centre built?

  7. Which traits of character of the Cypriot people are famous all over the world?

  8. What languages do local people speak?

  9. Who can help you to organize a conference or incentive?

  10. What facilities are available for organizing social events?

  11. What festivals are celebrated by Cypriot?

Exercise 3

Which words go together, according to the text?















Exercise 4.

Translate these words into Russian.









Exercise 5

Find and write all the sentences with the present perfect.

Exercise 6

Underline the conditional sentences and translate them into Russian.

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