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2 12 What questions could you ask to get these answers?

1 No, they have to finance their own studies.

2 I’ve been revising / studying for an exam.

3 No, I was ill. I didn’t miss this lecture deliberately.

4 The course of study runs for five years.

5 A student who does well in his/her exams gets a scholarship.

2.13 Answer the following questions:

1 What Institute / faculty do you study at?

2 How many students study at your Institute / faculty?

3 How many departments are there at your Institute / faculty? Name them.

4 What is the teaching staff of the Institute / faculty?

5 Who is the head of your Institute / faculty?

6 Who is responsible for the attendance of lessons and for the students’ progress?

7 What subjects are the students taught?

8 Is it necessary to attend lectures and classes? Why?

9 Who does badly in the exams?

10 What must the student do to acquire much knowledge?

11 What possibilities have the graduates of the Institute / faculty?

12 Are you proud of studying at this Institute / faculty?

13 Why did you choose this Institute / faculty?

    1. Compose short dialogues for the following imaginary situations:

1 Your friend studies at the faculty of Chemistry. He urges you to transfer to this faculty. Reject his proposal and tell him that mathematics (geography, etc.) is your dream.

2 Next year you graduate from the University. Tell your friend what you would like to do in the new year. Remember how interesting it was to study at the University.

3 You are the Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science. Tomorrow you are going to speak to the first-year students. What would you tell them? What would you wish your future students?

4 You are going to enter the faculty of Ecology and Geography. Your friend is a second-year student of this faculty. Ask him everything about this faculty.

Use the following conversational formulas:

Would you like to…? I’m afraid, I can’t...

Would you mind…(-ing)? Is it necessary (for me) to…?

Why don’t you…? Do I have to…?

I think you should… No, you don’t

I advise you to… That’s (not) a (very) good idea!

You’d better… You shouldn’t do that

That’s (quite) possible Sorry, I don’t know

That’s impossible I have no idea

I (don’t) think so I can’t help you

I doubt it I have doubts about the…

Why don’t we…? I am not at all sure about this

How about …ing? I object to…

I believe (think, feel) that… I wish I could agree with you that…

In my opinion… I want to point out that…

I agree with you I should like to stress the importance of…

I think you are right Have you thought about…?

As far as I know… I’ll try to explain…

You are wrong. You’ve made it quite clear

That’s true. I see / I understand

I prefer / I hope I get the idea of…

2.15 Speak about your Institute / faculty. Use the table:

Tyumen State University

The Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science


● Mathematics

● Software and Administration of Information Systems

● Applied Computer Science in Economics

●Computer Security


● Mathematical Analyses and Theory of Functions

● Software

● Mathematical Modeling

● Informational Security

● Algebra and Mathematical Logics

● Informational Systems

● Mathematics and Computer Science


● Algebra

● Mathematical Analysis

● Geometry

● Discrete Mathematics

● Computer Science

● Differential Equations

● Object-Oriented and Visual Programming

● Theoretical Mechanics

● Functional Analysis

● Applied Statistics

● Structures and Algorithms of Computer Data Processing

The Faculty of Ecology and Geography


● Geography

● Geoecology



● Social and Cultural

Service and Tourism

● Applied Information

Science in Geography


● Physical Geography

and Ecology

● Ecological Monitoring and Physical Geography (Earth Science)

● Economic and Social Geography

and Environmental Management

● Social and Cultural Service and Tourism

●Geoinformational Systems


● Meteorology

● Hydrology

● Cartography

● Soil Science

● Geology

● Geomorphology

● Ecology

● Customs and Civilization

● Literature

● History

●Historical Monuments and Sights

The faculty

of Biology


● Biology

● Bioecology


● Human and Animal Anatomy and Physiology

● Zoology and Ichthyology

● Ecology and Genetics

● Botany and Biotechnology of Plants


● Botany

● Zoology

● Anatomy

● Microbiology

● Biophysics

● Biochemistry

● Soil Science

● Bionics

● Genetics

● Physiology

The faculty of Chemistry


● Chemistry


● Organic Chemistry

● Inorganic Chemistry

● Analytical Chemistry

● General Chemistry


● Chemistry

● Physical Chemistry

● Analytical Chemistry

● Electrochemistry

● Ecological Chemistry

● Organic Chemistry

● Nuclear Chemistry

● Colloidal Chemistry

●Inorganic Chemistry

The faculty

of Physics


● Physics

● Thermal Physics


● Theoretical Physics

● Radio Physics

● Mechanics of Multiphase Systems

● Chemical Physics


● Mechanics

● Electricity

● Principles of Optics

● Magnetism

● Theoretical Physics

● Radiophysics

● Digital Telecommunication Systems and Network

● Physico-Mathematical Methods

● Optics and Spectroscopy


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