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I. Choose the correct variant.

  • Bob, you do/you`re doing/are you doing a lot of work to help hungry people at the moment. What does make/makes/is making you so interested in helping them?

  • Well, I don`t read/I`m reading/I read the newspapers like everyone else. Every week you see/do you see/you`re seeing pictures of places where the people don`t die/do they die/are dying of hunger. It doesn`t make/isn`t making/makes me so angry when I see that! Isn`t it making/Doesn`t it make/Does it make you angry?

  • Oh yes, Bob. But a lot of people are feeling/feel/do they feel that the problem is so big that they can`t do anything to help. What do you say/don`t you say/aren`t you saying to this?

  • Just that even the smallest gift doesn`t help/does it help/helps someone. And also, this: just imagine that you are living/aren`t living/don`t live in a place where no rain has fallen for years. Perhaps you don`t want/want/aren`t wanting to accept help from others, but you know you must because your children suffer/are suffering/don`t suffer. If your neighbour has food, you`ll accept help from him, won`t you?

  • Yes. But I see/don`t see/am not seeing exactly what you mean…

  • What I say/am saying/am not saying is this: we`re all neighbours on this planet, and we can all help. We aren`t needing/need/don`t need to be a special kind of person to do something for others. I mean, am I looking/do I look/ aren`t I looking special? I`m just an ordinary person, and I help/am I helping/I don`t help in my own way. Anyone can do that.

II. Insert Present Simple or Continuous.

1. Where`s Kitty? – Susan (put) her to bed.

2. Light (travel) more quickly than sound.

3. I`d like to know why you (always/read).

4. Sorry, Ted. I must go, I`m late. – Where (you/go)? – I (go) to have tea with Becky.

5. He (laugh) best, who (laugh) last.

6. I don`t interrupt people when they (read).

7. I never (see) him doing any work there, whenever I (come in).

8. Actions (speak) louder than words.

9. He (just now/speak) to my uncle, and they (shake) hands.

10. Why (you/not/answer)? – Because you (talk) nonsense.

11. Every star (have) its own orbit.

12. This is her latest book. It (have) a wonderful sale.

13. A stitch in time (save) nine.

14. I`ve got high fever. Get me the medicine chest and blankets, I (freeze) to death!

15. You`re so careless! You (always/leave) your bag about!

16. Hello, darling. You (look) very tragic.

17. I (come) to you next week.

III. Insert Past Simple or Continuous.

  1. As usual, Roger (phone) while I (try) to get some work done.

  2. What time (you/get) up this morning?

  3. I (see) Jenny while I (walk) up Blake Street.

  4. I (get) undressed when I (hear) a strange sound in the kitchen.

  5. He (spend) the last twenty years of his life in Tahiti.

  6. I (talk) to Chris on the phone this morning and the line suddenly (go) dead.

  7. Anna (read) the newspaper when I (come) into the office this morning.

  8. We (leave) as soon as Tom (get) the tickets.

  9. (You/play) the violin at about nine last night?

  10. I (work) in a bank when I (leave) school.

  11. When it (start) raining we all (run) into the tent.

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