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Модуль 4

Test 1

1. Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct form

1. She thought that he (paint) a new picture then.

2. I found out that he (not to know) German at all.

3. My friend wondered if I (leave) for Paris the next day.

4. She wanted to know when I (come) home the day before.

5. She hoped that her son (be) a doctor in the future.

6. He told me that they (live) in Rome two years before moving to London.

7. We didn’t know where the bridge (build) that summer.

8. There were afraid he (be) upset if he (learn) the truth.

2.Translate the text on your speciality and put the questions to the underlined words.

Advances in ship design and navigation enabled European traders to travel reliably to Africa.

The Portuguese were the first to begin capturing Africans and taking them back to Europe as slaves.

Spanish traders took the first African slaves to America in 1503. Over the next century the slave trade developed as a lucrative commercial system.

Traders would export manufactured goods to west Africa where they would be exchanged for slaves from African merchants. The slaves were then transported across the Atlantic and sold for huge profits in the Americas.

Traders used the money to buy raw materials such as sugar, cotton, coffee, metals, and tobacco, which were shipped back and sold in Europe.

By the end of the 18th century Britain had come to dominate the trade, with around 150 slave ships leaving Liverpool, Bristol, and London each year.

Модуль 4

Test 2

  1. Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct form.

    1. He added that he (study) English in the evening.

    2. She told us that she (tell) me about it the next day.

    3. He asked me if I (skate) the winter before.

    4. The teacher asked if his pupils (listen) to him at that moment.

    5. The doctor asked Nick whether he (wash) his face and hands every morning.

    6. He knew she (feel) quite differently about it in the morning.

    7. He asked me to accompany him when he (go) sightseeing.

    8. I had no idea when he (be able) to come.

  1. Translate the text on your speciality and put the questions to the underlined words.

A database compiled in the late 1990s put the figure for the transatlantic slave trade at more than 11 million people, but numbers are still contested.

The total number taken from eastern Africa and enslaved in the Arab world is considered to be between 9.4 and 14 million. The figures are uncertain due to the lack of written records.

More than a million people are thought to have died while in transit across the so-called 'middle passage' of the Atlantic due to the inhuman conditions aboard the slave ships and brutal suppression of any resistance.

Many slaves captured from the African interior died on the long journey to the coast.

On the plantations, life expectancy was short because of poor diet and the back-breaking work. Slaves were branded with hot irons and punishment for trying to run away was whipping or execution.

Модуль 4

Test 3

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